JULY 2004
Nic's Pix July 2004:

  • Talk Talk- Spirit of Eden
    Quit unlike any rock record I've ever heard, a blend of jazz and ambient in a way that doesn't namedrop or patronize either genre, but rather forms them in2 a new way of listening. It's amazing to hear how long they wait between just two chords. And the whole thing just aches, it's the most tragic record I've heard in years. I want 2 write more about it and use words like stunning and gorgeous but...
  • Ethiopiques 3 and 4
     I've bought a lot of these and they're all pretty cool but these 2 R my favorites ( 3 especially) I liked 1 as well, but Gorman stole it from me B4 I really got a chance 2 listen 2 it. It's just raw funky soul with an Ethiopian sense of melody that makes it more exciting 2 me than American funk/soul compiliations. Everything seems cool at first, but then the intricate arrangements sneak up on U and blow your mind.
  • Royal Trux-Accelerator
    This was one of those albums I always meant 2 check out and then one day I walked in2 the record store with $ in my pocket and my friend there was wearing their shirt. I decided that was my sign 2 buy it. I think they R some of the best songwriters 2 ever come out of NYC, and they will B revered when the 90's revival happens. My one problem with them is they often make a song twice as long as they should, doing a verse 5 times instead of 3. I always had a theory that Stevie Wonder songs (songs in the key of life era especially) were all 2 long cuz he couldn't see his audience getting bored. He just beats those last choruses 2 death. Maybe Royal Trux was 2 fucked up 2 B able 2 notice the audience's attention span. Then again, maybe it'll all make sense when the 90's revival happens. I also like Cats and Dogs. In fact Jennifer's screamed "Yeah" at the end of "Driving In That Car (with the eagle on the hood)" is my motto 4 life. Check it out.
  • Mathew Dear-Leave Luck 2 Heaven
    Tech -House with pop appeal, and U just can't fuck with those hits. cee-lo green... is the soul machine This is quite the mature hip hop album, kinda like hip hop 4 30somethings. It makes me feel old listening 2 it, but who cares it's the most soulful thing I've heard this year. Maybe if any of the gangstas would bring it this year I wouldn't have 2 listen 2 adult contemporary hip hop, but then I've always loved adult contemporary, even when I was a kid. Has anyone noticed that ever since the 50 Cent album came out, gangsta rap kinda died. I liken it 2 what Guns N Roses did 2 the LA glam scene (both were the hedonistic pop music of their times). Once Appetite 4 Destruction came out everybody else just kinda looked like pussies and it kinda killed the whole thing. Like GNR, 50 Cent also had better songs and more street credibilty than his peers.  It appears that has ego is reaching Axl -size proportions lately, and he may also never make a decent record again. Both 50 and GNR made raw, rebellious records and then trapped themselves in those images, thereby  ruining their careers. Of course, 50's career isn't ruined yet, and he does have Dre on his side who could hopefully guide him through maturing and staying gangsta. Hip hop radio is in pretty sad shape right now, (though my fingers R crossed 4 the summer jams) and all we have 2 do is sit around and wait 4 the hip hop Nirvana 2 arrive. Trust me hip hop is so not over, it just needs 2 take it's next step. This could take awhile since we just saw some of the biggest jumps in modern pop  history the last few years, if it wants 2 rest it's well earned it. What about Outkast U say? They're Jane's Addiction, duh.  
  • OutKast-Speakerboxx/The Love Below
    I'm not gonna write much cuz so much has already been said about this record this year. I just want 2 let U all know, that we would never diss the Big Boi disc. Many people try 2 act like Dre's the big genius and overlook Big Boi. His disc may not take as many chances, but it is still plenty innovative, and some of the best hip hop of this decade. There will never B another Beatles, Prince or OutKast. Also, let me say that there R no exact matches in pop music, people fill the gaps in their own individual ways, so don't take my 80's glam metal/90's hip pop analogy 2 seriously. I don't wanna look stupid if the hip hop Nirvana never shows up.
  • Jay-Z- The Black Album-
    No it's not as good as the Blueprint, but it's still better than most anyone else. I haven't heard the Grey Album yet, but it sure is exciting 2 B living in a time when stuff like that happens, eh. Prince bootlegs- Everyone who heard Prince's Black Album back in the 80's said it was the best thing he ever did, but they were all full of shit. It was good but a tad spottier than the albums he released around that time. I have no idea where this stuff is from, but it's all 80's stuff. The original demos of "Manic Monday" "the Screams of Passion" (it's way better than the Family's version I swear) and a bunch of stuff that could have been hits if he had finished them. Some of them R kinda cool just 2 C him fooling around, "Purple Music" sounds like him just jamming out 2 a groove on a 4-track. "Elephants and Flowers" is so religious he could release it now, not feel guilty and have a bigger hit than he's had in years. It's 2 bad WB fucked him so hard we may never C this stuff (or maybe they don't own this stuff, it is demos after all).  They could both get rich and change music all over again if they just started opening up his vaults and letting people remix this stuff. Then again they'd probably give it 2 cheseseballs and ruin it. He should put it all on the internet, let people have at it and release the best stuff. Speaking of which, there's also this weird bootleg 12" we always play that's some remix somebody did of what sounds like a NPG song or something, it has a slowed down voice that keeps saying some stuff about "repeat after me". Also a Let's Work remix that kills. His new album? Haven't heard it yet, but that single isn't doing it 4 me. I'm glad 2 C him successful again, and here's hoping his success restores his songwriting confidence. He could easily B like Dylan and legitimately hit his stride again. He just has 2 make a very long journey back 2 reality.
  • 51 Days- Paper Moon
    Around our house we call it the deepest house track ever. If u find this 12" snag it.
  • Half Japanese- Sing No Evil
    I don't know if this is punk record really, but it's the punkest record I've listened 2 in years. The grooves R dark and trancey and actually kinda... well, grooves, like the Fall or something. Jad Fair's scream on "Ball and Chain' rivals Jennifer's on "Driving in that Car" but it's a scream of pain rather than stokedness. A scream only someone not right in the head could scream.
  • Kanye West-The College Dropout
    Um, this guy's good.And he makes a pretty fucking convincincing case 4 Jesus on "Jesus Walks". He doesn't make quite as convincing a case 4 dropping out of college. It's also a bit long, though all the songs R good and I'm not sure which one I would cut, and actually I'd like 2 add that song he did 4 Brandy, something about they make it obvious or some shit. This was the most listened 2 cd in our tourvan. 
  • Iggy Pop- Lust For Life
    Um, this guy's good. I'm personally still partial 2 The Idiot, but I've already listened 2 that plenty. I always think I'm sick of him but keep coming back 2 him like James Brown, Bob Dylan or Stevie Wonder or something. I just always think it's so sweet how him and Bowie were like best friends making records together in Berlin, I hope they still hang out sometimes.
  • Joni Mitchell- The Hissing of Summer Lawns
    I like Blue and Court and Spark a lot 2, but this is just strange 2 me. I like all the stories, and the characters. She tells the stories without judging her characters, she doesn't tell U what 2 feel about them, she just let U know what happens. The repeating "guesses based on what each set of time and change is touching" at the end of the 2nd 2 last song is absolutely mindblowing. There was a point last summer when I was hurrying home just 2 listen 2 this record.
  • Randy Newman- The Good Old Boys
    Good stories and characters here as well, though I think Randy tends 2 make more of a judgement than Joni does. I picked up Joni cuz Prince liked her, and I picked up Randy cuz David Byrne recommended him. I like Little Criminals 2 (especially Jolly Coppers on Parade) and it is easier 2 find, but Good old Boys is a little more consistent.
  • Kool G Rap Greatest Hits
    Cold Chillin' has a really good series of hip hop best ofs. I also picked up the Roxanne Shante' and Masta Ace albums, but this is my favorite. Easily one of the Greatest of All Time's, this was one of my favorite discoveries last year. Actually, there were a few times i rushed home 2 listen 2 this one as well.
  • David Sylvian- Secrets of The Beehive
    This along with Talk Talk is what my friend Dan likes 2 call "Elegant Bullshit", but like Talk Talk he uses ambience 2 let songs breathe and chord changes sit in new light. It's a light that's very pure and strange. In the 80's everyone was exploiting keyboards 2 make a weird, bizarre music, but Sylvian manages 2 make the strangest record of all with typical acoustic sounds. Step in2 my dreamhouse indeed.
  • Nick Cave- The Boatman's Call
    Never been all gaga about this guy like people get, but I like this one a lot. Who knows maybe by next year this time I'll B one of those people.
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Fever To Tell
    This is a classic. Like OutKast everyone's sick of talking about how great they R, but I really love this record. It's rock music that manages 2 sound fresh and it just aches so much. Maybe all rock needed 2 save it was a girl singing. Who knew how much better Siouxsie would have sounded if she had showed a trace of emotion in her voice? Not 2 slight Siouxsie, I always loved her 2 (my 2nd concert in fact), and not 2 slight Karen cuz it's so much more than just a Siouxsie thing.
  • Animal Collective-Sung Tongs
    Animal Collective has long been known as the most overlooked band in NY, or maybe the NY band even NY bands liked. It's good 2 C them finally given the kind of recording budget they deserve. I'm starting 2 get tired and I'm really not giving them the writeup they deserve, so I'm just gonna say don't miss them live, I think they're touring with Black Dice this summer, if so that is the fucking bill U do not want to miss.
  • Mu- Afro Finger and Gel
    We asked Maurice 2 mix tracks 4 us cuz Let's Get Sick/Chair Girl was our favorite dance record last summer. How lucky R we he said yes? It's just the rawest weirdest slamminest shit, and sweet like candy, oh and he makes quite a convincing case 4 weedsmoking when he dubs it out.
  • South Pacific- Island Music Nonesuch Explorer Series
     If I could I'd get this whole reissue series. This is fucking gorgeous. So now U R thinking, "don't U listen 2 any dance music?" Or maybe "Enough already, I don't care that much about what U listen 2." But the answer is yes, but I mostly live vicariously through Justin and John's record collections. They buy all that stuff and test it on me at home when I'm stoned and then dj it 4 U. The last songs I asked Justin about were Quarks-I Walk 12"
  • Next Evidence-The One
  • Siriusmo- I can't remember the title
    I also really dug the Michael Mayer Fabric 13 mix cd, the Rub and Tug Mix CD, and The Roykskopp remix of that Felix Da Housecat song, Mylo "Drop the Pressure", "Every Little Thing" by Juan McClean and that's all I remember offhand. Oh yeah, "Get Low" by Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boys made my summer last year, and I still like it hearing it now.


1.Dani Sicilliano-Walk The Line
2.Sly Boogy-That's My Name
3.Kiddo-Try My Lovin (Just A Little Bit)
5.Klymaxx-Meeting In The Ladies Room
6.Lenny White-Peanut Butter
7.Kid Creole & the Coconuts-Adnaloy
8.Jah Works-Sign O The Times (remix bootleg)
9.Freaks-The Creeps
11.Denice Williams-Free


1.Huey "Piano" Smith-Don't You Just Know It
2.The Flamingos-I Only Have Eyes For You
3.The Shirelles-Mama Said
4.The Miracles-You Really Got A Hold On Me
5.The Mindbenders-Game Of Love
6.The Bobbettes(?)-Mr. Lee
7.Dion-Runaround Sue
8.Little Richard-The Girl Can't Help It
9.Hugo Montenegro-Theme From The Good,The Bad & The Ugly
10.The Monks-Drunken Maria (secret !!! rhythm section re-edit)
11.The Champs-Tequila

PLEASE NOTE: This is all stuff I've been DJing over the past year. At least what I can remember off the top of my head. You may think that dirty hip-hop, gay electrofunk and pre-Beatlemania rocknroll don't quite jive,but folks get enough drink in them and they go bananas for undeniable jams no matter what decade they're from. There's a reason why every generation of the late 20th century has at one point or another found and fallen in love with oldies. These songs are like caveman paintings. Primitive and beautiful and packed with fucked-up humanity. Me and my buddy Max have been tag-teaming oldies for drunken hipsters and Polish cokeheads for awhile now and it just keeps getting better. Fuck dancing  to the same New Order song (the views expressed in this rant do not necessarily reflect the policies of the !!! organization) over and over at every party. There are countless oldies that you have etched on your subconscious but forgot how good the! y sound really loud on drugs at 4 in the morning.Take these for a test drive and watch your friends giggle away the tears.

Much love John Xi

MAY 2003
Nic sends his latest list:

  1. Cody Chestnut- The Headphone Masterpiece
    Believe the hype, this is one of the best songwriters writing today. I can't say enough good things about this album, it may B my favorite of 2002. Though I'm kinda blanking out right now on what else came out. Usually when people try 2 mix soul and rock it comes off contrived, but his loose 4-track arrangements R anything but. Maybe it's the fact that all the songs R so raw and close 2 the original moment of inspiration that the soul just oozes. The love songs R actually about love and what love is really about. The lyrics R often hilarious and usually brilliant, and then he hits the chorus, goes falsetto and reminds U Y U started listening 2 music in the first place. Some people will say this could have been edited down 2 a single album, and I would agree, but even still everything is cool. Some of the songs R kindof cooler that way, like some demos your friend would play U and U would B like "yeah that sounds rad, U should make that in2 a song". Somebody in the rnb w! orld could have themselves a hit if they covered some of these, like if 112 did "Can't Get No Better" it'd B massive.
  2. Spoon- Kill The Moonlight- Believe the Hype, this is one of the best songwriters working today. yet another album obviously influenced by the freedom of working with a four track. Yeah I know the recording is great on this, but somehow the odd instrumentation and background vocals remind of someones 4-track demos. Simple songs that R not. Catchy songs that R catchy, and original songs that R.
  3. oval-Szenariodisk and commers, and some other one I can't remember the name of. I always tend 2 pass stuff like this off as gimmicky, and I couldn't have been more wrong in the case of oval. They really use that whole cdskip 2 acheive a different kind of music. These songs R totally fucked up and beautiful, 2 things in music I'm always a sucker 4.
  4. An Anthology of World Music-North Indian Classical Music (Rounder)- I'm always looking 4 good shit like this, and this is a virtual starters kit. I can't recommend this enough 4 anyone interested in getting in2 Indian Music. It's got 4 cds, one just vocals, one just strings, and 2 with various stuff. Track 3 on disc 4 is this flute solo, that sounds (2 these Western ears) straight off a PBS documentary, but hits U in a place inside U didn't know a flute solo could hit U. I hadn't felt that emotional about a piece of music in awhile.And the vocal stuff, the fucking vocal stuff, it's absolutely unbelievable what a voice can do.
  5. Maurice Fulton- Gigolo- This got a lot of play at our house. Just a 12" funky fucked up. This is what everyone wants they just don't know it.
  6. R. Kelly-Chocolate Factory- Gorman just brought this home last night, but I'm already half way through my 2nd listen right now and it's fucking excellent. It's probably his best yet. His past albums fell victim 2 half finished songs and unnurtured ideas, but it seems like he pulled out all the stops 4 this one. I guess the thought of it being his potential last album 4 awhile really pushed him. I know a lot of people have a hard time getting in2 slow jams, and I understand that, but U really shouldn't miss out on music this good. R Kelly is a fucking master, and this is a great example of artist in his prime.
  7. Serie Noire-Dark Pop and New Beat- The name says it all, dark weird shit, in a time when everyone wants 2 B dark and weird, but comes off a little 2 safe. This sounds a little dangerous, hmmm actually it could sound a lot more dangerous and B a whole lot better, but it's still a good listen.
  8. Big Daddy Kane-Long Live The Kane- I've never been one of those "the old school was so much better" dudes, and I'm trying 2 avoid it as long as I can. In fact I often forget how sweet it was. that said, how fresh is this? Kane is utterly remarkable, other people have done things better than him, but nobody does what he does better. I wanna play this 4 people who don't understand rapping and B like " U do this". Kane can rap his ass off. And no one does what Marley Marl does better either. There's something so special about a hearing music B4 it is grown, hearing it being formed. The possibilites were so wide open when this record was made, that's Y I say fresh.
  9. Snoop Dogg- Paid Da Cost 2 B Da Boss - Actually, I think Snoop could've sounded a little better on this, but u absolutely cannot fuck with the tracks on this. Straight pimp shit.
  10. 50 Cent- Get Rich or Die Trying- Believe the etc. etc. etc.I absolutely cannot get tired of the single, and I should B by now. Even when I was in Europe I could not escape that song drifting out of passing cars. I understand Y some people aren't so stoked on this album, and I do agree some of the tracks get a little 2 doomy, and the album is definitely hurt by the length of it, but throughout 50 is always great 2 listen 2. Smoothass motherfucker he is, and goddamn if he isn't the best hookwriter in the business. That "Many Men" song is an absolute classic. Has anyone thought what Greil Marcus would say about him and how far out he has taken the whole Stagger Lee rock n' roll myth?
  11. the Best of Pharoah Sanders- I don't know,somehow hearing "The Creator Has A Master Plan" when I'm depressed really helps me out.When he holds that note on"Alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the land it just kinda floors me.
  12. Best of Ragga oktay Aman o!- OutHud had a day off in Rotterdam, and I took advantage of holland's "koffeshops" and bought myself a spliff. It was a beautful day and I smoked it down by the canal. i started walking, and heard music coming out this Turqish cd store. I went inside just 2 listen 2 their bigass speakers, and ended up talking 2 the guy there. He just started opening up cds and playing them 4 me. i bought a couple and and he gave a couple. This is definitely the best of them. It kinda peters out by the end, but the first 4 or 5 songs R awesome, it's kinda rnb, kinda dancehall kinda whater Turquish pop music, kinda amazing, and supercatchy.
  13. Terry Riley-Poppy No-good, and something something something- We played in Leeds with this amzing band Scatter, and this is what they put when we hung out with them late in the evening getting stoned, blew our minds it did. has anybody noticed how when it first starts looping it kinda sounds like Cypress Hill? Hip-hop by a white dude in 67? Oh god, don't nobody tell Benzino I said that. That's all I can remember right now oh wait that song by Floetry "Say Yes", and that 1st Jaheim single, actually I like his new one 2, but that first one, damn, "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "One Tree Hill" by U2, all the ArvilLavigne singles, "D D D Don't Stop the Beat" by Junior Senior, that Brendon Benson single, the TaTu singles, "Pimp juice" by Nelly, the new beyonce single, and I have 2 say I love our new single. I did acid the other day and listened 2 it, and it was awesome. Potheads, acidlovers, and xtc freaks take note, the b-side.

What Mario is listening to a lot (dec 02):

  • Blonde Redhead - Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons. this band slayed me at the recent Halloween CMJ fest...made me want to listen to this disc over and over.
  • Benji Cossa - he used to live in Sacto for a spell...now he's in Brooklyn (isn't everyone?). a cd Dan-O burned me. brilliant random pop tunes.
  • Queens of the Stone Age - the 1st few tracks on their first LP, most of Rated R, and a handful from their latest. balls out.
  • Max Roach - It's Time. he goes more afrocentric and creates a series of bombastic, angry, uplifting jazz tunes. find more of his 70's stuff if are interested..you can't go wrong.
  • V/A - New Orleans Jazz Saturday Night Fishfry - 2nd volume and the follow up to one of my fave comps of all time. put this on, make some food, drink some wine...
  • Crown Heights Affair - "Say a Prayer for You" 12" single. i like the original, but the version on the Loft vol 1 comp is vastly superior.
  • White Stripes - White Blood Cells. color me "late to the game", but this is a fine lp.
  • T-Connection - Magic. i think it's their first legit lp. the first 2 tracks are amazing...the rest is still a nice listen.
  • John Lee Hooker - Best of. it's a Chess records best of. i have to thank Jarrett from the band Young People for hooking me up with this like 2 years ago. an all-around good listen and a great into to his stuff.
  • Spoon - "lines in the suit". not off their recent lp, but the one before (the name escapes me). such a goood song.
  • Har Mar Superstar - "brothers and sisters". the only place i think you can hear this track is on www.epitonic.com. i love his vocal.
  • Double Exposure - "Ten Per Cent" 12"
  • Goody Goody - "Let me Work on You" 12" (the reprised dance mix version). goody goody is a Vince Montana Jr project. if you EVER see their LP with the girl in a white tank top on the cover...kinda squeezing her yahbos together...get it. there are 2 tracks on there that KIIIILLLL.
  • Salsoul Orchestra - "I love it" 12".
  • Ahzz - "New York Moving". a super driver off the disco juice 2 comp. find both the disco juice 1 and 2 comps as soon as you can for a primer in "ruff disco".

Famous When Dead playhouse comp
Roxy Music- Avalon: One of those cases where U thought there weren't any more good albums by a band and then U get in2 one U had written off years B4. I thought it was 2 slick when I was 17, but now i love it. I have yet 2 take Playboy's advice and make love 2 it. More on that someday.
Lou Reed-Berlin: Wrote this one off also. Supposedly one of the greatest cases of "It'll grow on U" I wholeheartedly agree. Anyone who likes Velvet Underground or Lou solo, should get this today
Ellen Allien- Flieg Mit and Weiss Mix Flieg Mit is catchier and more electro, but I appreciate the fuckedupness of Weiss Mix. Let's hear it 4 fuckedupness.
Motor- Hexen: Makes it look EZ. Who knows, maybe it is.I really think this is techno, that anyone could like it. If U don't like it, turn it up.
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan& Party- Supreme Collection Vol. 1: I shit U not, I smoked some green and listened 2 this, and had an outofbody experience. Have fun!!!
Patti Smith- Radio Ethiopia: Oh, now I get it.
Duke Ellington- Indigos: I know almost nothing about jazz, but i heard Miles had called Duke the best composer of the 20th century or something like that, so i asked the guy at the record store where 2 start. It took me awhile 2 get past my hangups, but now i adore it.
Nu Yorica Roots: I'd like 2 take this oppurtunity 2 send a shout out 2 Soul Jazz. They have been a huge influence on us not just 4 the Batucada comps, but 4 the excellent 100% Reggae comps, and now this. Here's hoping they keep it up with a go-go comp, Miami Bass, Bounce, House, techno, or how about some of that slowed down shit from Houston which brings us 2
Dj Slump- Our friend Dave gave this 2 us, so I don't really know how 2 get it. But he says something on the CD about slump.com so hit 'em up. It's slow jams slowed down, cut-up, filtered and generally fucked up. Meant 2 B listened 2 on cough syrup, and John reports it was indeed amazing. Last time I sizzurped I puked so I settled 4 the weed and it was awesome.
Iaanis Xenakis- La legend d'Eer: The most terrifying thing i've ever heard. Listened 2 it alone on a late night drive from DC 2 NY. Excellent moment indeed.
Superlongevity-perlon comp: Funky, and fuckedup U know I love it.
Petey Pablo- Diary of A Sinner: Not only R the Timbaland tracks great (I Told Y'all should've been huge), but Petey's production is awesome as well. People have compared his flow 2 other notable southerners, and though that is definiely there, I think Petey has something special of his own going on.
Ghostface Killah- Bulletproof Wallets: Classic Wu. Ghost is always totally enjoyable 2 listen 2 ("enjoyable 2 listen 2" ?! I will never write 4 a hip hop magazine), but the tracks on this R also killer. It seems simple 2 make a great record, just don't put any bum tracks on. Hence, Ghost's 45 minute album.
Monolake- Hong Kong: this is fucked 4 sure. Beyond dub. I gotta hear more stuff like this.
Magnetic Fields-69 Love Songs: I always used 2 say a great musician should make U want 2 give up, and subsequently inspire u 2 play. This just makes me want 2 give up.
Dr. John the Night Tripper and something about Gris-Gris I can't quite remember the title on this, and my roommate who had this moved out so I don't listen 2 it anymore. But it was my favorite of all her records. I had always thought of this guy as some stupid old hippie, guess I was wrong.
Bob Dylan- Lot's of different stuff really but if U don't know go find out. Lately it's been Highway 61 Revisited, Desire, Blonde on Blonde, and the Basement Tapes. But those R just the ones I haven't listened 2 2 much already. Someone just told me Slow train Coming era stuff is good 2, guess that's next.
Miles Davis Ok just cuz I get in2 stuff U have been in2 4 years, doesn't mean I haven't been listening 2 other crazy stuff this whole time. With that in mind, let me say that Kind Of Blue is so good. It's one of the first records in a long time that I play over as soon as it finishes. It just ends and nothing sounds good after it. They were so in the zone. Also, In A Silent Way
Yo la Tengo- And then Nothing Turned Itself Out...- I never listened 2 these guys B4 I thought they sounded like REM. But i was pleasantly surprised at how original they sound. I like the songs that sound like nighttime, U know what I mean? Like the first song. I also liked that one song a lot more when I thought they were saying "Watching birds" Barbara Streisand - Guilty: Ok so really only track 1,2, and whatever the last song on side 1 is. But the rest of it's cool, I mean U just can't fuck with Brother's Gibb songwriting.
Swayzak- i think it's called Groovetechnology or something. It's a 2xCD that's a killer mix, I like almost the whole thing, just some of that deep tech-house kind of stuff.
I am also on a steady diet of whatever disco/house/funk 12" that Justin, Tyler and John bring home. That is actually the main course, but U R going 2 have wait 4 their list. If U like this and think u know something else I would like write yeowyeowyeow@yahoo.com

Gorman's list
Missy Elliot-Work It
50 cent- Wankster
Mario's Afo-Latin Groove comp
Led Zeppelin
Donna Summer- Autumn Changes
Bill Withers
Raison's Euro-centric Eat some Olives and Cheese Top 10 (Raison was in Europe all summer, and so he has put the area which he is reminded of by this music)
La Monte Dozier-Back 2 My Roots:Anywhere
George McRae- I get Lifted: Malaga, Spain
Rick James-Cold Blooded: San Sebastian, Spain
Sweet Honey In the Rock-the Bomb: Slovenia
OutHud- L-train: Bilbao, Spain
Joe Smooth-Angels: Bilbao, Spain
John Lee Hooker-collection: Marseille, France
Bob Marley-Anything: All throughout Eastern Europe
The Police-collection:Eastern europe, especially Romania
Sade-Promise:sounds so good in Greece

1 Climax Golden Twins-Live Vol. 4
2 RRR 500 Locked Grooves By 500 Artists
3 Ragga Ragga Ragga 15 XXX-Rated
4 Black Sabbath Riot Milwaukee 1980
5 Puente In Percussion
6 The Bulgarian Bar on Saturdays
7 David Tudor-Pulsers/Untitled
8 Andrew Cyrille/Milford Graves-Dialogue of the Drums
9 Monks-Live on German TV
10 Gamelan Monkey Chant
11 Dancer

1. jay-Z - the blueprint
2. Luther Vandross self titled
3. Maxwell - Now
4. Jodeci - The Show The Afterparty The Hotel
5. Moodyman - forevernevermore
6. Ali Hassan Kuban - the best of
7. Timbaland and Magoo - Indecent Proposal
8. The Ultimate R Kelly
9. Dr. Buzzard's Original "Savannah" Band (esp. Sunshower)
10. Padlock
11. Alicia Keys - in A Minor
12. Philip Corin - On The Beach

Blonde Redhead - Melody of certain damaged lemons
Calimbo Steal Drum Band
Velvet Underground (3rd LP)
Black Sabbath - Side 1 of Sabatage

WuTang - C.R.E.A.M.
Jay-Z - the takeover

Chrome - Half Machine Lip Moves/Alien Soundtracks
Gloria Gaynor - Real Good People (off Never can say goodbye)
the Cure - Pornography
Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers
The Fall - Last Orders (off Early Fall)
Aaliyah - If your girl only knew
R Kelly - Feelin on yo Booty (not the remix, the slowjam)
Raising Arizona
Gato Barbieri - La China Leoncia
Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit AND Plastic Surgery

Missy Elliot - ...so addictive
Daft Punk - Discovery
CSN&Y - Deja Vu
Avey Tare and Panda Bear - Spirit they're gone, spirit
they've vanished
Acabou Chorare - Novos Banios
Luomo - Vocal City
Musiq Soulchild - Aijuswanaseing
Beach Boys - Smile bootleg
Suggie Otis - Inspiration Information

Loose Joints - "Is it all over my Face?"
MFSB - "love is the message"
Annie - "Greatist Hit"
Jay Dee - "Plastic Dreams"
Mr. Fingers - "Can you feel it?"
112 - "Dance with me"
Maze - "joy and pain"
Cloud One - "Spaced OUt"
Fabulous w/nate dog - "Aint no denyin"
That new Bilal song

Charlie Haden - Liberation Orchestra
Bohannon - "Start the Dance"
Faith Evans w/Carl Thomas - "Emotional"
New Orleans Funk comp (vol 1) on Soul/Jazz
Wham - Make it Big (skip over 'wake me up')
Rod Stewart - Every picture tells a story
Built To Spill - "strange"
The Amps - s/t

Albert Ayler - bells
Bjork - vespertine
Lee Perry (various)
Dub Syndicate - pounding system
Gang Starr (various)
Bulgarian choirs & folk
Bosnian folk
Wire (live)
Batucada (Mr Bongo & Soul/Jazz comps)
Sugarcubes - life's too good
Black Sabbath
Sonic Death
Avey Tare & Panda Bear
The Dammed - machine gun etiquette
Primal Scream - xtrmntr
Sly Stone - fresh
Wipers - is this real
Chrome - alien soundtracks, other stuff

This stuff is in no particular order and, as of right now, will not be assigned to any one member. Most of us all love this shit.