Re-count 1998

Round 2: The Voting Round

And now it's time to vote. Please look through the list carefully and take your time and vote honestly. If you're not familiar with a release listed here please do not vote for or against it, leave it at the default of "no opinion."

Voting will take place for 2 weeks between 11/4-11/20. Results will be posted shortly thereafter.

Please be respectful of staff and the community - take your time and read _ALL_ the nominees

This is not a popularity contest nor a place to trash someone you don't like. Brainwashed is a tiny group of volunteers writing for peers and we would like to keep things as pure as we can.

If acts or labels are found soliciting votes on their blogs and Web sites, they will not only be removed & disqualified but they also stand a chance of never being featured on Brainwashed again.

VOTE ONLY ONCE (unless you want the system to discard your _entire_ ballot!!)

Thanks for your time and honesty.

and the nominees are:

artist title format rating
!!! The Dis-Ease / The Funky Branca single/EP
16-17 Human Distortion single/EP
2 Lone Swordsmen Stay Down full-length
2nd Gen Against Nature single/EP
808 State Pacific 808:98.Cubik98 single/EP
A Minor Forest Inindependence full-length
A Minor Forest / Sweep The Leg Johnny Post Marked Stamps No. 8 single/EP
A.M.P. Studio Syzygy (Music for Misfits & Malcontents) full-length
Ad Vanz vs Gescom / Foehn Split Series #2 single/EP
Add N to (X) Little Black Rocks in the Sun single/EP
Add N to (X) On the Wires of Our Nerves full-length
Aerial M October single/EP
Aerial M Vivea single/EP
After The Flood After The Flood 2 full-length
Age Technik single/EP
Aihiyo Aihiyo full-length
Al Jabr (Richard H. Kirk) One Million And Three full-length
All Natural No Additives, No Preservatives full-length
Allinson/Brown AV1 full-length
Amon Tobin Permutation full-length
Amp Stenorette full-length
Amp Sunflower single/EP
Andrew Chalk, Ralph Wehowsky, Eric Lanzillotta Yang-Tul full-length
Appendix Out / Songs: Ohia Appendix Out / Songs: Ohia single/EP
Arab On Radar Swimming with a Hard On single/ep
Arab Strap Philophobia full-length
Aranos Every Bright Body Gleams Green full-length
Archer Prewitt Southern Wall/Coleman single/EP
Arto Lindsay Noon Chill full-length
Aube Cerebral Disturbance full-length
Aube Embers full-length
Aube Flare full-length
Aube Flush full-length
Aube Pages From The Book full-length
Autechre LP5 full-length
Baby Ford Normal single/EP
Backworld Isles of the Blest full-length
Barbara Morgenstern Vermona ET 6-1 full-length
Barry Adamson As Above So Below full-length
Beatnik Filmstars Boss Disque full-length
Beatnik Filmstars Off-White Noize single/EP
Bedhead Lepidoptera single/EP
Bedhead Transaction De Novo full-length
Beefcake Polycontrale Contra Punkte full-length
Belle and Sebastian The Boy With The Arab Strap full-length
Belle and Sebastian This is Just a Modern Rock Song single/EP
Birchville Cat Motel Siberian Earth Curve full-length
Black Star Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star full-length
Blonde Redhead In An Expression of the Inexpressible full-length
Blonde Redhead Slogan / Limited Conversation single/EP
Boards Of Canada Music Has The Right To Children full-length
Bob Mould The Last Dog And Pony Show full-length
Bobby Conn Rise Up! full-length
Bodychoke Cold River Songs full-length
Bola Soup full-length
Boris Amplifier Worship full-length
Boris With Keiji Haino Black: Implication Flooding full-length
Boxhead Ensemble The Last Place to Go full-length
Bright Bliss Out Vol. 12 - Blue Christian full-length
Bruce Gilbert / Ron West Frequency Variation full-length
Burger / Ink Las Vegas full-length
Cabaret Voltaire Radiation: The BBC Recordings full-length
Calexico The Black Light full-length
Casino Versus Japan Casino Versus Japan full-length
Cat Power Moon Pix full-length
Cathode Sweet Baja single/EP
Chapterhouse Pentamerous Metamorphosis (Blood Music reinterpreted by Global Communication) full-length
Chicago Underground Orchestra 12º of Freedom full-length
Chicago Underground Orchestra Playground full-length
Child's View Yoru No Yuenchi full-length
Chris & Cosey Exotica & Take Five Remastered full-length
Chris Carter Disobedient full-length
Chris Watson Outside The Circle Of Fire full-length
Christoph De Babalon In a Bad Mood single/EP
Climax Golden Twins Climax Golden Twins full-length
Climax Golden Twins Lovely Drone full-length
Coil Autumn Equinox single/EP
Coil Spring Equinox single/EP
Coil Summer Solstice single/EP
Coil Time Machines full-length
Coldcut Let Us Replay full-length
Collections of Colonies of Bees Collections of Colonies of Bees full-length
Combustible Edison The Impossible World full-length
Con-Dom Rome Songs single/EP
Concept 1 Concept 1 - 96:VR full-length
Cornelius Fantasma full-length
Cornelius Free Fall single/EP
Coн Enter Tinnitus full-length
CTI Point Seven - Library of Sound, Edition 4 full-length
Current 93 A Gothic Love Song single/EP
Current 93 Soft Black Stars full-length
Current 93 presents The Ven. Chimed Rigzin Lama, Rinpoche Tantric Nyingma Chant Of Tibet full-length
Curse Of The Golden Vampire The Curse Of The Golden Vampire full-length
Cyclobe Luminous Darkness full-length
Dakota Suite Alone With Everybody full-length
Dakota Suite Songs for a Barbed Wire Fence full-length
Dälek Negro Necro Nekros single/EP
Damon & Naomi Playback Singers full-length
Daniel Menche Scourge That's Her Name! single/EP
Daniel Menche Vent full-length
Dart Dart single/EP
David Grubbs The Thicket full-length
David Jackman Laus single/EP
David Tibet & Steven Stapleton Octopus full-length
Dead Voices On Air Piss Frond full-length
Dean Roberts All Cracked Medias full-length
Death Cab for Cutie Something About Airplanes full-length
Death In June Kameradschaft single/EP
Death In June Passion! Power!! Purge!!! single/EP
Death In June Take Care And Control full-length
Der Blutharsch Der Sieg Des Lichtes Ist Des Lebens Heil! boxed set
Derek Bailey PlayBacks full-length
Derrick May Innovator boxed set
Diamanda Galás Malediction and Prayer full-length
Dirty Three Ocean Songs full-length
Dirty Three Ufkuko single/EP
Disinformation R&D2 full-length
Dntel Early Works For Me If It Works For You full-length
Don Caballero What Burns Never Returns full-length
Duster Stratosphere full-length
EC8OR World Beaters full-length
Edward Ka-Spel Down in the City of Heartbreak and Needles 2 full-length
Edward Ka-Spel The Blue Room full-length
Equations of Eternity Vevé full-length
Esplendor Geométrico EN-CO-D-eSPLENDOR full-length
Exhaust Exhaust full-length
Fantastic Plastic Machine Luxury full-length
Faust Faust Wakes Nosferatu boxed set
Fennesz Plays single/EP
Fennesz Il Libro Mio - Recherchen Zum Manierismus single/EP
Fennesz / Harding / Rehberg Dĩ-n full-length
Flying Saucer Attack New Lands full-length
Four Tet ThirtySixTwentyFive single/EP
Françoiz Breut Ma Colère full-length
Freakwater Springtime full-length
Freq63 performed by Batchas Robotique full-length
Fridge Orko single/EP
Fridge Semaphore full-length
Fridge Sevens and Twelves full-length
Fuck Conduct full-length
Fugazi End Hits full-length
Füxa Accretion full-length
Füxa Inflight Audio full-length
Ganger Hammock Style full-length
Ganger With Tongue Twisting Words single/EP
Gary Numan Dominion Day single/EP
Gary Numan Living Ornaments '81 full-length
Gary Numan The Numa Years boxed set
Gas Königsforst full-length
Gastr Del Sol Camoufleur full-length
Gescom Minidisc full-length
Gescom That single/EP
Gescom This single/EP
Godspeed You Black Emperor! F# A# ∞ full-length
Godspeed You Black Emperor! / Fly Pan Am Sunshine + Gasoline / L'espace Au Sol Est Redessiné Par D'immenses Panneaux Bleus single/EP
Goem Reduktie full-length
Golden Golden full-length
Goodiepal Death Disco 2000 Reconstructed single/EP
Graham Bowers Eternal Ghosts full-length
Gripper Prostate Boogie single/EP
Hans Joachim Roedelius Aquarello full-length
Haus Arafna Children of God full-length
Hazard North full-length
Hecker IT ISO161975 full-length
Herbert with Dani Siciliano Around the House full-length
Hermann Nitsch Island: Eine Sinfonie In 10 Sätzen boxed set
Hermann Nitsch Musik Der 66 Aktion full-length
His Name Is Alive Can't Always Be Loved single/EP
His Name Is Alive Ft. Lake full-length
Hood (The) Weight single/EP
Hood Filmed Initiative single/EP
Hood Rustic Houses Forlorn Valleys full-length
Howard Stelzer Stone Blind full-length
I Am Spoonbender Sender-Receiver full-length
IAO Core A Thousand Points of Light full-length
IAO Core Armadillium Vulgare full-length
IBM The Oval Recording full-length
Ice Bad Blood full-length
Icebreaker / Piano Magic #1 single/EP
Ida Losing True single/EP
Ilium Plexiglass Cube single/EP
Illusion of safety Bad karma full-length
In The Nursery Lingua full-length
Inner Sleeve / Dawn of the Replicants Come Alive/Born In Baskets single/EP
Intravene Flotation toy warning full-length
Irr. App. (Ext.) An Uncertain Animal, Ruptured; Tissue Expanding In Conversation full-length
ISAN Beautronics full-length
ISAN Betty's Lament/Uim single/EP
ISAN Titled, Not Tithed/Island Magic single/EP
Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo Jad Fair & Yo La Tengo full-length
James Plotkin / Mark Spybey A Peripheral Blur full-length
Jandek New Town full-length
Janek Schaefer / Pan•American Split Series #3 single/EP
Jarboe Anhedonic full-length
Jessamine Don't Stay Too Long full-length
Jessica Bailiff Even In Silence full-length
Jim O'Rourke Bad Timing full-length
John Duncan / Andrew Chalk & Christoph Heemann The Elgaland-Vargaland National Anthem / Old Hive single/EP
John Tejada Little Green Lights and Four Inch Faders full-length
Junior Varsity KM Bliss Out Vol. 10 - Taking Care of You full-length
K.K. Null / Disc Nullsonic single/EP
Kapotte Muziek The Use Of Recycling full-length
Keiji Haino The 21st Century Hard-Y-Guide-Y Man - Even Now, Still I Think ‎ full-length
Keiji Haino with Greg Cohen & Joey Baron An Unclear Trial: More Than This full-length
Kenny Dope Hip Hop Forever boxed set
Kid 606 / Lesser split full-length
Kid606 Don't Sweat The Technics full-length
Kim Cascone Blue Cube [] full-length
Kouhei Matsunaga Upside Down full-length
Kristin Hersh Murder, Misery And Then Goodnight full-length
Kristin Hersh Strange Angels full-length
L'Orchestre Noir 11 full-length
Lambchop What Another Man Spills full-length
Le Car Auto-Motif full-length
Leila Like Weather full-length
Lemon Jelly The Bath single/EP
Les Joyaux De La Princesse Exposition Internationale - Arts Et Techniques - Paris 1937 boxed set
Lesser Welcome to the American Experience full-length
Lisa Germano Slide full-length
Lisa Gerrard & Pieter Bourke Duality full-length
Lithops Uni Umit full-length
Lockgroove Rewired EP single/EP
Locust All Your Own Way single/EP
Loren MazzaCane Connors Evangeline full-length
Lost Girls Needle's Eye single/EP
Love and Rockets Lift full-length
Low Joan of Arc single/EP
Low One More Reason to Forget full-length
Low owL (Low Remix) full-length
Low/Transient Waves/Piano Magic Sleep at the Bottom / Green Acres single/EP
Lull Moments full-length
lynx EP single/EP
M. Brehens Final Ballet full-length
Macha Macha full-length
Main Firmament III full-length
Main Firmament IV full-length
Malka Spigel My Pet Fish full-length
Man Or Astro Man? Exmachina single/EP
Marc Almond Black Kiss single/EP
Marc Almond and Foetus Slut full-length
Mark Eitzel Caught In A Trap And I Can't Back Out 'Cause I Love You Too Much, Baby full-length
Mark Van Hoen Playing With Time full-length
Matmos Quasi-Objects full-length
Maurizio Bianchi Archeo Box #1 boxed set
Maya Shore / Lyndal Control Guilt / Second Chance single/EP
Meat Beat Manifesto Acid Again single/EP
Meat Beat Manifesto Actual Sounds + Voices full-length
Meat Beat Manifesto Prime Audio Soup single/EP
Mellow Mellow single/EP
Merzbow 1930 full-length
Merzbow Aqua Necromancer full-length
Merzbow Decomposition full-length
Merzbow Maschinenstil full-length
Merzbow New Takamagahara full-length
Merzbow Psychorazer full-length
Merzbow Tauromachine full-length
Merzbow Vibractance full-length
Mice Parade My Funny Friend Scott single/EP
Mice Parade Ramda full-length
Mice Parade The True Meaning of Boodleybaye full-length
Mika Vainio Titanikin Juhlakantaatti single/EP
Moebius, Conny Plank, Mayo Thompson Ludwig's Law full-length
Mogwai Kicking a Dead Pig full-length
Mogwai Mogwai Fear Satan single/EP
Mogwai No Education = No Future (Fuck the Curfew) single/EP
Mogwai/Magoo Sweet Leaf/Black Sabbath single/EP
Mojave 3 Out of Tune full-length
Mouse On Mars Glam full-length
Ms. John Soda Meine Welt In Schokolade single/EP
Musica Transonic with Keiji Haino Incubation full-length
Muslimgauze Fedayeen full-length
Muslimgauze Mazar-I-Sharif full-length
Muslimgauze Mort Aux Vaches full-length
Muslimgauze Mullah Said full-length
Muslimgauze Syrinjia full-length
Muslimgauze Tandoor Dog boxed set
Muslimgauze Vampire of Tehran full-length
Nature & Organisation Death In A Snow Leopard Winter full-length
Neotropic Mr. Brubaker's Strawberry Alarm Clock full-length
Nerve Net Noise 160/240 full-length
Nerves Nerves full-length
Neutral Milk Hotel In the Aeroplane Over the Sea full-length
Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, and Ed Clayton-Jones And The Ass Saw The Angel full-length
Nobukazu Takemura Scope full-length
Not Breathing The Starry Wisdom full-length
Nurse With Wound Second Pirate Session full-length
Nurse With Wound / Current 93 Scrambled Egg Rebellion In The Smegma Dept / Time Stands Still single/EP
Origami Galaktika Eesti Lilled Silmad Süda boxed set
Otomo Yoshihide & Sachiko M Filament 1 full-length
Out Hud Natural Selection single/EP
Oval Dok full-length
P'o Whilst Climbing Thieves Vie for Attention full-length
Painkiller Collected Works boxed set
Pan•American Pan•American full-length
Paul Newman Only Love Can Break Your Heart full-length
Pele People Living With Animals. Animals Kill People. full-length
Pelt For Michael Hannahs full-length
Pelt Técheöd full-length
Pelt / Harry Pussy Black Florida single/EP
Pere Ubu Pennsylvania full-length
Photek Form and Function full-length
Piano Magic Bliss Out V. 13 - A Trick of the Sea full-length
Piano Magic Music for Annahbird single/EP
Piano Magic The Fun of the Century single/EP
Piano Magic There's No Need for Us to Be Alone / The Canadian Brought Us Snow single/EP
Piano Magic / Matmos Music For Rolex/The Soldering Social single/EP
Pigface Below the Belt full-length
Pizzicato Five Remix Album: Happy End of You full-length
Pizzicato Five The International Playboy & Playgirl Record full-length
Plastikman Artifakts (BC) full-length
Plastikman Consumed full-length
Plastikman Hypokondriak / Afrika single/EP
Pluramon Render Bandits full-length
Pole 1 full-length
Popol Vuh Nicht Hoch Im Himmel full-length
Potuznik Amore Motore (...Autobahn) full-length
Pram North Pole Radio Station full-length
Pram Sleepy Sweet single/EP
Praxis Mold full-length
Providence 24.7.97 single/EP
Pullman Turnstyles & Junkpiles full-length
Quickspace Amigo single/EP
Quickspace Precious Falling full-length
Ralf Wehowsky / Lionel Marchetti Vier Vorspiele / L'Oeil Retourné full-length
Randolph Carter Easter Parade full-length
Rapoon The Fires Of The Borderlands full-length
Remington Standard Why Less Desire to be Neat? full-length
Remora Amerse full-length
Retsin Sweet Luck of Amaryllis full-length
Rhythm & Sound Showcase (with Tikiman) full-length
Richard Chartier Direct, Incidental, Consequental full-length
Richard H. Kirk Knowledge Through Science full-length
Richard Youngs Sapphie full-length
Roel Meelkop 6 (Mailcop Rules) full-length
Roger Miller Pop Record/Evolving single/EP
Roy Harper The Dream Society full-length
Roy Montgomery And Now The Rain Sounds Like Life Is Falling Down Through It single/EP
Roy Montgomery E.N.D. single/EP
Roy Montgomery London Is Swinging By His Neck single/EP
Royal Trux Accelerator full-length
Rx Bedside Toxicology full-length
Ryoji Ikeda 0°C full-length
Ryoji Ikeda Mort Aux Vaches full-length
Ryoji Ikeda Time and Space single/EP
S.E.T.I. Above Black full-length
Saint Etienne Good Humor full-length
Saint Etienne Sylvie single/EP
Saint Etienne The Bad Photographer full-length
Sally Doherty And The Sumacs Sleepy Memory full-length
Sandoz In Dub (Richard H. Kirk) Chant To Jah full-length
Scala Compass Heart full-length
Scala To You in Alpha full-length
Scanner Sound For Spaces full-length
Schneider™ Moist full-length
Severed Heads Haul Ass full-length
Shellac Terraform full-length
Shirley and Dolly Collins Harking Back full-length
Signal Waves + Lines single/EP
Signs of Chaos Departure full-length
Sigur Rós Von Brigði full-length
Silkworm Blueblood full-length
Silo Instar full-length
Silver Apples Beacon Remixed full-length
Silver Apples Decatur full-length
Silver Apples The Garden full-length
Silver Jews American Water full-length
Sing-Sing Feels Like Summer single/EP
Six Organs of Admittance Six Organs of Admittance full-length
Slicker Confidence in Duber full-length
Snuff In the Fishtank 4 single/EP
Solex Solex Vs. The Hitmeister full-length
Songs: Ohia Impala full-length
Songs: Ohia Our Golden Ratio single/EP
Sonic Youth Silver Session (For Jason Knuth) single/EP
Sonic Youth w/Jim O'Rourke Musical Perspectives 3: Invito Al Cielo single/EP
Sparklehorse Come On In/Blind Rabbit Choir single/EP
Spiritualized Royal Albert Hall full-length
Spiritualized The Abbey Road EP single/EP
Squarepusher Music is Rotted One Note full-length
Stars of the Lid Maneuvering The Nocturnal Hum (E.P.)+ single/EP
Stars of the Lid / Windsor for the Derby Julie Delpy / WNYU Radio single/EP
Stars of the Lid w/Craig McCafferty Per Aspera Ad Astra full-length
Stereolab ABC / Freestyle Dumping single/EP
Stereolab Aluminum Tunes full-length
Stereolab Refractions in the Plastic Pulse single/EP
Stereolab / Monade Caliméro / Cache Cache single/EP
Stereolab / Soi-Disant Symbolic Logic Of Now! / Glitterati (Cruise(r)) single/EP
Steuea / Goodiepal Goodiebag #1DX single/EP
Steuea / Goodiepal / V/Vm Goodiebag #1VU single/EP
Steve Stoll The Blunted Boy Wonder full-length
Stock, Hausen & Walkman Oh My BAG! full-length
Sue Garner To Run More Smoothly full-length
Sugar Plant Happy/Trance Mellow full-length
Sun City Girls Dulce full-length
Sunny Day Real Estate How It Feels Toe Be Something On full-length
Sunny Day Real Estate Pillars single/EP
Super E.S.P. Super E.S.P. single/EP
Supersilent 4 full-length
Supersilent 3-Jan full-length
Surgeon Balance full-length
Swans Swans Are Dead full-length
Swayzak Snowboarding In Argentina full-length
Sweet Trip Bliss Out Vol. 11 - Halcia full-length
Tarwater Rabbit Moon - Revisited full-length
Tarwater Silur full-length
Techno Animal Radio Hades full-length
The Beta Band Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos single/EP
The Beta Band The Patty Patty Sound single/EP
The Body Haters 34:13:00 full-length
The Body Lovers Number One of Three full-length
The Church Hologram of Baal full-length
The Church Louisiana single/EP
The Clientele What Goes Up/Five Day Morning single/EP
The Delgados Peloton full-length
The Dylan Group Reinterpreted full-length
The Ex Starters Alternators full-length
The Field Mice Where'd You Learn to Kiss That Way? full-length
The Hafler Trio Avec Le Vide Les Pleins Pouvoirs single/EP
The Hafler Trio Dream Adjustments single/EP
The Hope Blister ...Smile's OK full-length
The Jesus and Mary Chain Cracking Up single/EP
The Jesus and Mary Chain I Love Rock 'N' Roll single/EP
The Jesus and Mary Chain Munki full-length
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Acme full-length
The Legendary Pink Dots Chemical Playschool Volumes 3 & 4 full-length
The Legendary Pink Dots Lullabies for the New Dark Ages boxed set
The Legendary Pink Dots Nemesis Online full-length
The Legendary Pink Dots The Pre-Millennial Single single/EP
The Locust The Locust full-length
The Magnetic Fields I Don't Believe You single/EP
The Mellowtrons Bittersweet Symphony / Not Playing God single/EP
The Notwist Shrink full-length
The Pastels Illuminati full-length
The Residents I Hate Heaven single/EP
The Residents Live at the Fillmore full-length
The Residents Residue Deux full-length
The Residents Wormwood (Curious Stories of the Bible) full-length
The Silverman Silvermandalas full-length
The Spiny Anteaters Last Supper full-length
The Third Eye Foundation Fear of a Wack Planet single/EP
The Third Eye Foundation You Guys Kill Me full-length
This Heat Repeat full-length
Thomas Köner Kaamos full-length
Thread The Need for Sky full-length
Throbbing Gristle Dimensia in Excelsis full-length
Thurston Moore Root full-length
Tin Foil Star / ISAN Atom Two single/EP
To Rococo Rot She Understands single/EP
To Rococo Rot + d Trrd single/EP
Toe 2000 full-length
Tomorrowland Sequence of the Negative Space Changes full-length
Tor Lundvall & Tony Wakeford Autumn Calls full-length
Tortoise Autechre single/EP
Tortoise Derrick Carter single/EP
Tortoise Madison Ave/Madison Area single/EP
Tortoise Remixed full-length
Tortoise TNT full-length
Total Eternity's Beautiful Frontispiece full-length
Town And Country Town And Country full-length
Trafficante (Richard H. Kirk) Is This Now? full-length
Trans Am The Surveillance full-length
Tren Brothers EP single/EP
Tren Brothers Gone Away / Kit's Choice single/EP
Troum Dreaming Muzak full-length
Troum Ryna full-length
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System Dub Plate Selection full-length
Twilight Circus Dub Sound System Horsie full-length
U.N.K.L.E. Ape Shall Never Kill Ape single/EP
U.N.K.L.E. Last Orgy 3 single/EP
U.N.K.L.E. Psyence Fiction full-length
U.N.K.L.E. Rock On single/EP
Ui Lifelike full-length
Uilab Fires single/EP
V/Vm Chart Runners full-length
Vainio Väisänen Vega Endless full-length
Vermont / Ida We Only Have Each Other In the Night / Don't Get Sad single/EP
Versus Two Cents Plus Tax full-length
Vidna Obmana Crossing the Trail full-length
Volcano the Bear Volfur full-length
Volcano the Bear Volseptor full-length
Volcano the Bear Volve full-length
White Winged Moth Ribbon Arcade full-length
Whitehouse Mummy and Daddy full-length
Will Oldham Black / Rich Music single/EP
William Basinski Shortwavemusic full-length
William S. Burroughs The Best of boxed set
Windy & Carl Depths full-length
Windy & Carl / Amp Near And Far / Reminiscence single/EP
XTC Transistor Blast boxed set
Yahowa God and Hair boxed set
Yellow6 Perception Received single/EP
Yume Bitsu Giant Surface Music Falling To Earth Like Jewels From The Sky full-length
[V/A] A Homage To Neu! full-length
[V/A] A Tribute To Spacemen 3 full-length
[V/A] A1. Raster-Noton. Archiv 1 full-length
[V/A] Adrian Sherwood Presents The Master Recordings full-length
[V/A] Altered States of America full-length
[V/A] Anakin full-length
[V/A] Ant-hology. The 5th Anniversary Compilation full-length
[V/A] Attention: Cats full-length
[V/A] Badaboom Gramophone #3 full-length
[V/A] Chill Out full-length
[V/A] Chinese Whispers full-length
[V/A] CM - Cornelius reMixes full-length
[V/A] Coil and Friends: Foxtrot full-length
[V/A] Cooking With Gas full-length
[V/A] Dugga Dugga Dugga (Various Artists Play Drill) full-length
[V/A] Earthjuice full-length
[V/A] Electric Ladyland V full-length
[V/A] Electric Ladyland VI full-length
[V/A] EP No. 5 single/EP
[V/A] Funkungfusion full-length
[V/A] Heavenly Voices Part V full-length
[V/A] Interiors full-length
[V/A] Invisible Soundtracks (Macro 2) full-length
[V/A] Invisible Soundtracks Vol. III single/EP
[V/A] Jimmy Gimme More full-length
[V/A] Michael Mayer: Neuhouse full-length
[V/A] Modulation & Transformation 3 full-length
[V/A] Musique Facile Pour Gens Difficiles Volume 1 full-length
[V/A] Nocturnal Electrics Volume One single/EP
[V/A] Obsessive Eye Vol. 3 single/EP
[V/A] Psychogeographic Y single/EP
[V/A] Reach The Rock full-length
[V/A] RGB [An Audio Spectrum] full-length
[V/A] Six Hours One Week #4 full-length
[V/A] Sonics Everywhere full-length
[V/A] Sounds from the Electronic Lounge full-length
[V/A] Sounds of the Geographically Challenged full-length
[V/A] Stuffing single/EP
[V/A] Suck It And See full-length
[V/A] TELEconned Vol. 1: We Want The Airwaves full-length
[V/A] The Chemistry Set full-length
[V/A] The Dead Cheap Fierce Panda Sampler single/EP
[V/A] The Ida Retsin Family Volume One full-length
[V/A] The K&D Sessions™ full-length
[V/A] The Lo Fibre Companion full-length
[V/A] The Tell-Tale Signs Of Earworm full-length
[V/A] The Wire Tapper 1 full-length
[V/A] The Wire Tapper 2 full-length
[V/A] Theatre Of Sound full-length
[V/A] Touch Sampler 3 full-length
[V/A] Trojan DJ Box Set boxed set
[V/A] Trojan Dub Box Set boxed set
[V/A] Trojan Rocksteady Box Set boxed set
[V/A] Trojan Ska Box Set boxed set
[V/A] Turkey single/EP
[V/A] We Are Reasonable People full-length
[V/A] Wild Planet - A Subconscious Compilation full-length

Review The Winners Circle:
2017: Slowdive, "Slowdive" (Dead Oceans)
2016: Swans, "The Glowing Man" (Young God)
2015: Carter Tutti Void, "f(x)" (Industrial)
2014: Swans, "To Be Kind" (Young God)
2013: Tim Hecker, "Virgins" (Kranky)
2012: Swans, "The Seer" (Young God)
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