A Secret Kept
Count Eric Stanislaus Stenbock
2002 Book UK Durtro Press London
200 Signed and numbered copies
42 pages
1st edition
Stiff purple wrappers
Without dust wrapper
I am delighted to be able to thank those people who have been so unstinting with their generosity. Herr Henning von Wistinghausen and Count Magnus Stenbock kindly made available to me the photograph of Eric used as a frontispiece. Fiorella Superbi and Giovanni Pagliarulo at I Tatti have once again excelled themselves in their gracious help, not least by initiating my relationship with the late Barbara Halpern, who, through Corinne Richards, gave me permission to publish this and many other pieces by the Count. Timoty d'Arch Smith chivvied me along when my lassitude forced me once too often onto my divan. Alan Anderson continues to be remarkably tolerant of my changes of mind. Jeremy Reed's support has been great, as has that of Ray Russell at the Tartarus Press. Gareth Vaughan was most helpful with the proof-reading of the text. Andria Tibet has supported my obsession for the Count for many years with much cheer and understanding. Many thanks again; may God bless them all.

This book is composed in Bembo type and hand-printed on Zerkall paper for David Tibet and Durtro by Alan Anderson at the Tragara Press. This edition is limited to 200 copies numbered and signed by the editor.

After publication an additional separate page was published