"Jhonn," Uttered Babylon
David Michael
2012 August Book UK THE SPHERES London
68 pages
1st edition
Sleeve Notes
"Jhonn," Uttered Babylon was written in Hastings during November 2011 at
as Jhonn came softly to me in Haunted Dreams and Haunted Airs.

The charcoal drawings on page 2 and on this page were done for me by Jhonn. They were in a box of items that he had intended to give me; also in the box was a Threshold House postcard on which Jhonn had written, in his beautiful handwriting, "Love you David will we ever meet again? Balance". Ossian Brown discovered the box after Jhonn's sidereal ascent and passed it on to me.

An album based on this text was recorded for James Blackshaw and me, as Myrninerest, in February 2012 in Hastings and released in July 2012 on the same imprint as this book.

I would like to thank James Blackshaw, Henry Boxer, William Breeze, Ossian Brown, Larry Burton, Geoff Cox-Dorée, Jordi Devas, Giulio Di Mauro, Julia Giessler, Paul Jackson, Ian Johnstone, Johan Kugelberg, Michael Lawrence, Andrew Liles, Mark Logan, Davide Pepe, Keith Richmond and Lauren Winton. I am most grateful to Professor Andrew George for inspiring me to study Akkadian, and for his kindness and patience in answering my many questions to him as I skipped towards Babylon.

To Jessica Chappell my debt is incalculable and unutterable.

This book was typeset by Miss Kat without whom it is not.

David Michael
Hastings 9VI2012