Edward Ka-Spel
Apples (Big!) China Doll

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US CS Audiofile Tapes AT 34
DE CS Staubgold/P.E. Distribution PE-D 21

side a

  1. Flesh Parade
  2. Aaδzhyd China Doll
  3. The Qa'Spell
  4. Suicide Pact
  5. Lilith's Daughter

side b

  1. Avengelist
  2. God In A Cupboard
  3. Black Zone
  4. Love In A Plain Brown Envelope
  5. Interview

Edward Ka-Spel - voice, synthesizer [Roland Juno-1]
Dave Ogilvie - mix

Recorded on tour with Skinny Puppy in NYC and Boston, USA, on May 23-24, 1987. NYC date is an audience recording; Boston is a soundboard recording as boradcast on WZBC-FM by Dave Prescott.
This is an artist-approved non-bootleg release.
Track B5 was added to this release at a later date and was not included on initial copies.

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