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April 16, 2005

US CDR Brainwashed BRAIN008

  1. Coil, "Glowworms/Waveform" Obsidian Monarch remix by Thread (full length version) - [MP3] [BRAIN001]
  2. Coil, "Dark River" Null Tributary remix by Thread (full length version) - [MP3] [BRAIN001]
  3. Edward Ka-Spel, "Share the Day" - [MP3] [BRAIN002]
  4. Edward Ka-Spel, "Dream Stealer" - [MP3] [BRAIN002]
  5. Greater Than One, "Bloodstream" - [MP3] [BRAIN003]
  6. Greater Than One, "Airstream" - [MP3] [BRAIN003]
  7. Sybarite, "Dolorous Echo" - [MP3] [BRAIN005]
  8. Sybarite, "The Mast" - [MP3] [BRAIN005]
  9. Jessica Bailiff, "Shadow" - [MP3] [BRAIN006]
  10. Jessica Bailiff, "Beautiful Soul" - [MP3] [BRAIN006]
  11. Jessica Bailiff, "Mary" - [MP3] [BRAIN006]
  12. Jessica Bailiff, "Come and Close My Eyes" - [MP3] [BRAIN006]
  13. Aranos, "No Religion" - [MP3] [BRAIN007]
  14. Aranos, "Spitting Revivalist Dreams of Everlasting Pain" - [MP3] [BRAIN007]

Compiles all Brainwashed 7" records released up until this point.
Only issued with a combined pre-order of BRAIN005, BRAIN006, and BRAIN007.

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