Edward Ka-Spel
Red Letters

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Edward Ka-Spel - Red Letters

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March 21, 2000

US CD Caciocavallo CAD 2

  1. Radio 6 [MP3]
  2. Seeing Red [MP3]
  3. Believe On A Breeze [MP3]
  4. Illumina 3 [MP3]
  5. The Carrier
  6. Grooovy [MP3]
  7. Child King [MP3]
  8. Swamp Thing [MP3]
  9. Simone Is
  10. Red Letters
  11. Katha

Edward Ka-Spel - vox, keyboards, percussion, attempted violin
Rachel K. - lady voice, flute
Raymond Steeg - mastering

RED. Passion. The sight of blood. Anger. Seeing RED. Impaled on the horns of a wounded bull. The bull impaled on a sword. Bleeding hearts. Roses. Car crash. Cover it up with a sheet. Kneel down and scrub it off the sidewalk, the sheets. Welcome to the real world. RED. Stop, or we'll punish you. Stop, or you're dead. RED. Poisoned rivers. A poison pen.

Teacher told me at school NEVER to write a letter in red ink, for the recipient will be utterly insulted. In England, we learn to keep our emotions under wraps in case we embarrass those around us. RED. Forbidden. Do not enter because it's boiling up in here.

RED LETTERS is the latest solo album from EDWARD KA-SPEL; he hopes you will be sufficiently entertained.

"The Blue Room" never sat very well with me, though I did love Hotel Y. "Red Letters," on the other hand, is to my ears a cohesive, well structured and thoroughly effective disc. I'm very pleased with Edward's latest work. The whole album has a very slow, somber, moody atmosphere to it, yet "Seeing Red" is a bit faster (though still quite dark). It stirs me, my emotions, my thoughts and has already become one of my all-time favorite Ka-Spel songs. "Belief on a Breeze," "Red Rock," and "Radio 6," are slow peices with plenty of chilling textures circulating around behind the simple melodies, with Edward's emotive voice at the forefront. A question: Is it just me, or does the progression to "Beleif on a Breeze" sound hauntingly like "Lisa's Seperation" ; and does the piano progression in "Red Rock" hint of some song from one of the China Doll releases...? Of course, it wouldn't be the first time Edward has re-circulated musical themes. "The Carrier," "Groovy," "Red Letters," and the latter half of "Beleif on a Breeze" offer the more experimental side of the album -- crunchy sounds, clanging percussion, odd vocal samples and other bits of chaos. In a word, *wonderful*. I really like the way on "The Carrier," Edward's drawled vocals fit perfectly with a very 'non musical' backdrop. "Swamp Thing" differs quite a bit from the rest; it's musically brighter, with peppy keyboard percussion and a catchy chorus of "down boy down boy..." I enjoy the addition of Rachel's voice at the end, too, singing "what you do, you do for love." Nothing on this disc failed to connect with me. Nice work, Edward! - Michael Holloway

Red Letters is good stuff. Itīs amazing, but quite typical of a new EKS release. This time it is 99% electronic made. The openeing Radio 6 reminds me of Glasshouse of CP 10 in a keayboard only version. DARK. Sad! Another Expression of EKS thoughts! A combination of Love Puppets with Glasshouse and AAzyd on one keyboard,... haunting music.... a perfect beginning for a perfect album. After that follows the masterpiece of this album, "seeing red" It is a catchy sng, a pop song, if there werenīt those interludes of intensity. It has those catchy (electronc) violins at the end. If it arrived into the hands of a producer it could be a top ten hit, but this is EKS how I like him, dancing through his expressions.....loveable, feelable.......GREAT! This fades into silence.... broken after a few secīs with a female voice..... start of "Believe of a breeze".... a waltz. This is stolen! Stolen by his own history, at this moment I canīt remember were from,....aaazyd LP? or Cheyekk LP! also could come from a late LPD (any day now, crushed velvet) album. A great song, so dated, so slow, so set up with feelings, so beautiful...... Next we arrive at "Red Rock", another wide scape of sound - I always wonder how he is able to get a sound so fullfilled, so week, so great with such little equiqmant. It is a slow song, that could also be from the Cheyekk album and no-one would be the wiser .......... "Illuminia3/The Carrier" mades it better then Illuminia album at complete running. I never liked Illuminia CD thatīmuch, it was a shot.........not planned but done, badly produced and badly engenneered - this is so much better! Sounds modern. BIG BEAT at EKS: Wow. It makes my feets dance, even if the Tempo only sometimes and suddenly explodes........... "Groovy" starts like those songs I donīt like(or donīt understand?) distorting sounds slowly grow to somewhat like a song! I need a million listens to this to feel good with it. It is sound, it is "Experimantal" it is intresting but it is destroying the compact sound of an albumī! This runs in the lost sounding "Child King". This again has this catchy harmony and a chorus that hits. If Ed was a produced Popstar this again would be an overproducfed top ten hit, but cause heīs not, this is another sketch of his soul that leads me in strange dreams..... Track 8 of this CD (Swamp Thing/Simone is/ Red letters/ Katha) why are they thrown in one? I donīt know. Part one is a soul pop , covered under monotone keyboard phrases and sound scratches, just great. I wonīt give to much words on this, cause this song changes from soul over experiments to soul choruses to soundscapes and on and on and on.....express it.-.------...... At the end stands a CD, that is a typical EKS CD........it could have been released 20 years ago....it would have been actual, it could been released in 20 years.....it would be actual, but why will no-one listen??????????????? - WK

As far as Red Letters, I was at first disappointed. All of the songs (save two or three) seemed to have the same sound to them, running together and making them harder to name and tell apart. Something like Illumina or The Blue Room bounces here and there with wonderfully careless abandon, while on here things stay around the same. "Radio 6" I must say is deffinatly a classic. I listend to Red Letters again today (enjoying much more than I did at first) and that track gave me the chills. I certainly don't like track 2 as much as you do, but it's nice enough to let play through. Believe on a Breeze is another classic, even if only for the words. "Listen to the hooded man cry destiny!" The waltz fades into one of my favorite instrumental parts on the album, a laid back steady dub-ish tune. I don't remember "seeing red" specifically, another example of how I hear the tracks running together. "illumina 3" did disappoint me. "Scriptures of Illumina" is by far my favorite Ka-Spel CD, it's the CD that first got me into everything LPD-related to begin with. This really doesn't seem to be a continuation of what going on in that album. This tune fades into "The Carrier", a more awkward, experimental departure from the rest of the album. "Groovy" sounds a lot like a remix of "The Carrier", plodding along slowly...nice. "The Child King" is also nice, but nothing that left me in awe. "Swamp Thiing...." is okay, but the other parts of the song besides "Swamp Thing" are what really get me, especially the beautiful ending. All albums need a very good ending, and this one has one. As a whole, I'd give it a positive review. There seems to be much less experiementation going on, and a lot more straight keyboard playing. - J. Roarty

Radio 6

Did the planet cease to spin?
Did the world float before your eyes?
Forget to breathe? Believe what mother says...
It's automatic.
Don't allow your silly head to stray,
it's useless.
You're ok. Keep it in, there will be no shame.

I will make you proud
I'll walk in this world
I'll take you all those slings and arrows
I will make you proud

Thanks for your assistance,
Never thought I'd get so far.
If you'd asked me what would be back then, I would have laughed
And still I keep it in.
Still I keep them in.
They speak out when they are summoned, mother ... I win.
They do what they are told...
This world of mine is completely in control.

Seeing Red

Slowed down to watch the accident in all its glory,
sure we hope no casualties are dangling from a tree

Now I promise I will now drive easy,
tuck this hulk behind a truck.

No squeezing into gaps that are not made for me,
please don't worry baby, I'll get you home...

Five miles back the queue was growing to a stop,
it spread like typhoid... Paris, Berlin, Rome, onwards to Bangkok.

The 'copters dropping blankets, flying doctors,
there were sireds, night sky flashing blue and white.

Multilingual "Please stay calm..."
Don't worry baby, I'll get you home.

Armies dropped their weapons, flattened fields,
drove in convoys.
Over hills to dig them out, to cut them out.

Oh happy Christmas, war is over, there are pyramids
of bones along the road that stretches this way, that way...
Don't worry baby.

Please stand up, women children first.
Wave your arms, we'll get you home...


It's small, but it's noble
All those running rats have names
They don't get close to the table
We stay healthy
We are sane

Each flake that falls gets recycled
There is Harry S. Truman, there is Archangel Michael
It sure isn't art but we're sure that we like them
It's home

I'm aware that you have a place for us
That's double-glazed for us
Up there in the clouds

Let it go to someone that's deserving
We're unswerving
We're home.

Belief on a Breeze

Reborn caesar spins a knife points towards the garden mutters, there we will
seed gethsemane anew, we'll make the moves that were pre-destined, only this
time he'll stay resting, He'll be still. And after all these years we'll be
free... Can you bring yourself to maybe trust in me? Respect these pure
intentions? This is destiny and I am just a player on the board.

Well recommend supervision, strict reclussion, here's a pill to stifle those
delusions.. Be assured that we care, all we want is to see you well!

And reborn Caesar dies in flames, is born again, a slab, the cleaver
swinging in slow motion, but never strikes, cameras zoom in for a slice.
Listen to the hooded man shout "Destiny."

We are merely players on the board.

The Carrier

Charm could be my middle name.
My calling card, my gift.
I claim you now, I reel you in
with tales that spin in wide-eyed wonder, then I sting!
You see, I just can't help myself.
I have to be with people. I wish
you well with roses red, the thorns trimmed from the
stems, but I condemn.
I'll plant them on your grave
my little friend.
I shall kiss your widow, tears
will flow but I will take her too.
I just can't help myself. You see,
I know it and know that nothing lasts forever. I'm ashamed, but
that's the way it is.

Swamp Thing

Swamp things acting restless
He thinks I am his mate
I bathed myself in coconut
and that's his favorite plate
but why is he so reluctant?
Let's get on with my fate.
Just can not stand the tension
was never one to wait

Get me down boy
down boy, down boy,

Now I've achieved nirvana
those swamp things lie in hell,
except for my adversary.
... that smell!

The lord declared him blameless
He watched him from above. Descended, whispered gently:
"What you did you did for love."

"So go forth and multiply."

Child King

How lonely it feels...
I'd forgotten how to skate on my own wheels
Rolling south, down the hill - no destination.
This heart of mine burning in my mouth.

Watch them spring
Watch them fall, to please the king
He gets them all
Watch them spring
Watch them fall
He pulls the strings, he takes them all
The child king, the spoiled king

Changes made, changes missed
Well, I never kissed the limped wrist of he who has control
Humour me, I never sold my soul
It's cheap, still not takers - but I'm trying...

And all the king's horses
and all the king's men couldn't put this
back together.
They never can make amends
Wonder why you never get me on the phone?
I'm here...

Watch them spring
watch them fall
to please the king, he gets them all
Watch them spring
watch them fall
He pulls the strings, he takes them all
The child king, the spoiled king