The Threats Of Memories
Stapleton & Tibet
2018 October 12" UK Dirter Promotions DPROMDLP141
in gatefold sleeve
Track Listing
Side 1
  1. The Sadness of Things
Side 2
  1. The Dead Side Of The Moon
Side 3
  1. Bubblehead
Side 4
  1. DreamBreath
Sleeve Notes
"The Sadness of Things" was originally released as Side one of The Sadness Of Things (1991) and featured Steven Stapleton, David Tibet, Ruby Wallis, and Joolie Wood. It was engineered by Colin Potter
"The Deadside Of The Moon" and "BubbleHead" were, respectively, Sides One and Two of Musical Pumpkin Cottage (1996). "DreamBreath" is a previously unreleased out-take from Musical Pumpkin Cottage. The recording sessios for this album featured Steven Stapleon, David Tibet, Nick Saloman, Trevor Reidy, Nora Duus, Cyke Bancroft, David Cohen, and Adrian Teasdale. it was engineered by David Kenny, Matt Purcell and Tim Hodgkinson. The words for "The Deadside Of The Moon" were written by David Tibet, and those for "BubbleHead" by Steven Stapleton and David Tibet.

All and EveryThing was mixed by Steven Stapleton, with David Tibet on A Near Sphere. Artwork by Babs Santini. Handwriting by David Tibet. Photographs of Steven and David by Ruth Bayer. Layout by Ania Goszczyńska. Photography of Babs' artwork by Andrew Thomas. Typesetting by Paschalis Zervas. Mastering by Andrew Liles. Our lovely thanks to: Andrew Liles, Sarah Stapleton, and Steve Pittis.

See You!

Steven and David. Cooloorta and Hastings, Here and There, Then and Now.
First available at Current 93/Nurse With Wound concert at Shepherds Bush Empire, London, October 13, 2018