Black Ship In The Underworld
2007 September CD-R UK Durtro Jnana Durtro Jnana ∞∞∞
333 in slimeline jewel case
Track Listing
  1. Black Ships In The Underworld (9:30)
Sebastian Horsley
Sleeve Notes
Current 93 in the Dandy World were:

Baby Dee: harp and accordion
Sebastian Horsley: vocals
Andrew Liles: screams and themes and mix mix mix
David Tibet: vocals, guitar

All musci by Current 93. Lyrics by Marc Bolan and Saint Paul.

This CD is released on the occasion of the publication of Sebastian Horsley's autiobiography Dabdy In The Underworld (Sceptre, UK & Harper Perennial, US) and his retrospective art exhibition Hookers, Dealers and Tailors at Spectrum Fine Art.

Cover image: A Flower of Evil by Sebastian Horsley. 2007

333 copies were made of this CD.

Acts XVII:23