Gabriel & The Lunatic Lover
Marc Almond with Michael Cashmore
2008 May CD UK Durtro Jnana DURTRO JNANA 005
in digipak sleeve
Track Listing
  1. The Lunatic Lover (6:10)
  2. Gabriel (5:54)
Michael Cashmore
Sleeve Notes
Gabriel and The Lunatic Lover
Two Poems by Count Stenbock (1860-1895)

Marc Almod - vocals
Micahel Cashmore - all instruments, backing vocals

All music composed by Michael Cashmor. Produced by Michael Cashmore and Marc Almond. Mixed by Michael Cashmore. Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering.

Marc and Michael would like to thank: Steve Kent at Denmark Street Studios, Neal Whitmore for demo vocals, Stefanie Thiel, Unity Rose Cashmore, Mark Langthorne, Mark logan, Paul Jackson, Colin Potter, Andria Degens and David Tibet.

"The Lunatic Lover" originally published in Myrtle, Rue and Cypress (Hatchards, London, 1883); Gabriel originally published in The Shadow of Death (The Leadenhall Press, London, 1893). Both poems republished in The Collected Poems of Count Stenbock (Durtro, London, 2001).

Sleeve design: marc Almond, Michael Casmore, Paul Jackson and David Tiber.
Paintings of Marc by Vania Zouravliov.
Count Stenbock: age unknown, photographer unknown.