Mercy Oceans
2007 October CD CA Durtro Jnana DURTRO JNANA 007
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Track Listing
  1. Under The Water (3:39)
  2. We Love (3:31)
  3. The Sun Came Out (4:55)
  4. High Star (4:03)
  5. All The Birds (2:41)
  6. Born Into You (4:06)
  7. At Dawn (7:05)
  8. Raw Heart (4:34)
  9. I Am (7:30)
  10. Storm And Thunder (2:30)
Sleeve Notes
All songs © Andria Degens 2007

Recorded at the Water Tower, Preston, Lancashire in April and August 2006 and at the Diving Bell, Glasgow in December 2005. Engineered by Colin Potter and Marcus Mackay. Assisted by Michael Lawrence. Mastered at Skye Mastering by Denis Blackham.

Produced by Andria Degens and Michael Tanner.

Front cover artwork and sketches by Beth Carter. Text, star and squiggles by AD.

Photography by Cam Archer. Design and Layout by Andria Degens and Paul Jackson.

Thankyou Baby Dee, Keith Wood, Isobel Campbell, John Contreras, Jerome Alexandre, Colin Potter, Michael Lawrence, Marcus Mackay, Beth Carter, Lauren Winton, Denis Blackham, Paul Jackson, Ben Chasny, Matt Sweeney, Will Oldham, Nick Evans, Chris Carter, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Denise Martin Harker, Antony Hegarty, Nicole Poppi, Stephen O'Malley, Cherie Pourtabib, Andrew WK, Otto Hauser, Clodagh Simonds, Mark Pilley, Julia Kent, Susan Stenger, Fabrizio Palumbo, Steven Stapleton, Djuna Bel, Maude Swift, Nathan Amundson, Andrew Liles, Pascal Humbert, Devendra Banhart, Tony Sylvester, Richard Moult, Alison Schnackenberg, Satya Palani, Tim McConway, Joshua Blatchley, Sebastian Horsley, Ernesto Tomasini, Marc Almond, Gary Held, Cam Archer, Michael Tanner, Mark Logan, and especially David Tibat for the Lov eand Support you have given me along the way...

..Mercy Oceans Of The Heart...