Time Of The Last Persecution / Black Flowers, Please
2004 7" CA Durtro Jnana DURTRO/JNANA1972
500 Clear blue vinyl copies in wrap-around sleeve
2011 February 7" UK Durtro Jnana DURTRO/JNANA1972
8 Black vinyl test pressing copies
White labels with titles and group's name in black ink
Wrap-around sleeve signed by David Tibet
Track Listing
Side 1
  1. Time Of The Last Persecution [c93-live-05-DEC-2003]
Side 2
  1. Black Flowers, Please [c93-live-05-DEC-2003]
Sleeve Notes
Side 1: Time Of The Last Persecution (music and words by Bill Fay; arranged Maja Ellioee/David Tibet

Side 2: Black Flowers, Please (music Current 93/words David Tibet)

Both tracks recorded live at the October Gallery, London on Friday October 5, 2003. Piano: Maja Elliott. Vocals: David Tibet.

Sleeve design David Tibet. Thanks to Bill Fay, Paul Jackson and Mark Logan. 500 copies were made for the October 17/18/19 shoes in Toronto at St. George-the-Martyr Anglican Church with Current 93, Simon Finn and Six Organs Of Admittance. God Is Love. David Tibet.
I believe the actual date of this performance was December 5, 2003.
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This limited edition, blue 7" vinyl single comprises two songs recorded live at the October Gallery in London on October 5, 2003. Both of the songs are done in the intimate "voice and piano" style familiar from Current 93 releases such as Soft Black Stars and Hypnagogue, with Maja Elliott providing the musical accompaniment. Side A has David Tibet tackling the singularly epic "Time of the Last Persecution," the title track from underappreciated singer-songwriter Bill Fay's materful 1971 concept album. Fay's original version had all the dramatic orchestral swells of a sixties Scott Walker production, augmented by mind-blowing fuzz guitar and a truly monumental climax. For all the overblown majesty of the original, however, the song holds up amazingly well with the minimal arrangement by Tibet and Elliott. Tibet's voice is a perfect instrument to portray the resigned dread of Bill Fay's Armageddon scenario: "It is the time of the last persecution/And Caesar shall be raised/He will ask for his feet to be kissed by your sister/And your children will fear at his name." It's as if Tibet and Fay are spiritual songwriting partners, as both share the same affinity for hallucinatory visions of Gnostic Revelation. Side B is a fine but unremarkable rendition of "Black Flowers, Please," a track off Swastikas for Noddy and a perennial live favorite. For the version of "Time of the Last Persecution" alone, however, this single is worth tracking down.

Jonathan Dean
Sunday, 25 July 2004