Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow
2005 CD CA Durtro Jnana DURTRO JNANA1976CD
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Track Listing
  1. Strange Stairway (2:57)
  2. Spiritual Mansions (2:45)
  3. Planet Earth Daytime (4:44)
  4. Goodnight Stan (3:02)
  5. Tomorrow Tomorrow and Tomorrow (1:54)
  6. Just A Moon (3:16)
  7. To Be A Part (0:33)
  8. Sam (2:33)
  9. Lamp Shining (1:10)
  10. Turning The Pages (0:36)
  11. Love Is The Tune (2:09)
  12. After The Revolution (2:45)
  13. Jericho Road (1:42)
  14. Strange Stairway (1:57)
  15. Life (4:17)
  16. Hypocrite (2:54)
  17. Man (2:51)
  18. Cosmic Boxer (4:31)
  19. We Are Raised (3:30)
  20. Isles Of Sleep (4:32)
Gary Smith
Rauf Galip
Bill Stratton
Bazz Smith
Sleeve Notes
words and music by Bill Fay
arranged by Bill Fay Group
'Our World' music Gary Smith

Bazz Smith drums on 3, 4, 17

recorded 1978-81

Bill Fay voices and keyboards
Gary Smith guitars
Rauf Galip electric and bowed bass
Bill Stratton drums and percussion

and then meeting Bill at a performance where we were both playing and being admirers of his 2 LPs able to talk about getting together to maybe rehearse some songs and that going so well meeting weekly the social side of that being very enjoyable, crucial, but still working hard to arrange the music we all wanted to hear it and impressed with Bill's ability to craft a song in the course of an evening A SONGWRITER uncompromising in his attitude towards his music now the group commitment is never questioned. A working trio (The Acme Quartet) improvising and trying, hoping to bring that to the songs (the Bill Fay Group) finding ourselves in 1978 with words and music that record companies won't listen to, don't want to listen, can't hear anyway. Anyway we're in some studios where we can work, carry on recording at home it's all here.
They weren't songs that were easy to write, though Bill's talent could sometimes make it seem that way, or for the group to arrange. They've been on the shelf since then but we always knew that they should be released.
Unlike the Decca albums this one was the culmination of a lengthy process that started in a back room playing the songs, then rehearsals, then in a small studio with some of them, then more rehearsals. Finally a set of songs we were to see through to completion...
Like the Decca albums, for me, it is the same story of musical contribution to the songs. The musicianship to me is on the same par and I'm grateful for that. In terms of time and commitment they gave an enormous amount and gave to me personally within that...
... There was no contract, no working towards a contract and, in the end, no expectation of one. The playing and recording was solely for the end result musically - a musical outcome thatwe would be all right with. Everybody did service to the music...