The Episodes
2007 February CD CA Durtro Jnana DURTRO JNANA 1984
In jewel case
Track Listing
  1. Mirror Lips (8:15)
  2. The Son Of Empty Sam (9:54)
  3. Every Ghost Has An Orchestra (9:15)
  4. Henry vs Miller (11:23)
  5. Soul Boys / Hard Legends (6:58)
  6. The Son Of Empty Sequel (9:25)
  7. Empty Coda (2:00)
Sleeve Notes
Recorded at 4 Deuces Studios, Chicago, and on location at Lake Wandawega, Wisconsin, Summer 2006.

Produced by Tim Kinsella and Ben Vida
Mixed by Tim Kinsella, Ben Vida & Graeme Gibson
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering
Field recording on "Soul Boys" Ben Vida
Recorded and engineered by Graeme Gibson
Arranged by Tim Kinsella, Ben Vida, Chris Connelly, assisted by the band.

Words & music by Chris Connelly
Published by Spurburn BMI

Photography: Andy McGregor, Shayna Connelly, Ben Vida and Katy Fisher
Girl: Rosa
Package design: Chris Connelly and Rick Klaver

Thanks to: Brad Langer, David Hernandez and Tereasa Surrat, Chris Strong, David Tibet, Mark Logan, Shayna Connelly, Chris Bruce, Frank Nardiello, Sean Joyce, Jake's Pub

I would like to very humbly thank the producers, Tim Kinsella and Ben Vida for so eloquently bringing my music and my ideas to life as well as bringing in their own incredible inventiveness and integrity.

Also the band who brought the songs to life in the studio and induced that huge kinetic spark that happens rarely when everything works together and you are left breathless.

To Graeme Gibson, the engineer who's intuition and calm made it possible to capture all the events without losing any of the spontaneity that makes this record so special.

To those who traveled out to the Lake Wandawega resort to spend the night recording in a cold, dark forest with us in the rain.

And finally David Tibet and Mark Logan for believing in it.

Chris Connelly 2006