Digital Angel
2008 November CD UK Durtro Jnana DURTRO JNANA 1999
In digipak
Track Listing
  1. When I Leave You (5:23)
  2. The Dream Signal Of A Lonely, Broken (Half Dead) Planet (4:47)
  3. The Epitaph Of God (6:52)
  4. The Dreamer Is Still Asleep (7:02)
  5. Greater Feast Massacre (4:35)
  6. Tonight (4:55)
  7. Digital Angel I: The Union (6:36)
  8. Digital Angel II: Metalipsis (4:34)
  9. Digital Angel III: Brave New World (5:23)
  10. The Tango Song (2:59)
Sleeve Notes
All music and lyrics written by OTHON except for 'The Dreamer Is Still Asleep' by Coil and 'The Tango Song' by Aleister Crowley © Ordo Templi Orientis. 'The Tango Song' was originally set in music by Bernard F Page and is here re-arranged by Marc Almond and OTHON.

Tracks 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10 mixed by Paul Fletcher. Tracks 2, 5, 7, 8 recorded and mixed at the RCM, Resident, and Tin Pan Alley Studios, London. Mastered by Paul Fletcher. Produced by OTHON.

All songs © 2006-2008 Othon Mataragas except where noted.

Cover artwork and images by Hector de Gregorio.
Original sky photographs by OTHON and Hector de Gregorio.

Thanks to Peter Pomfret, Lee Adams, Dominic Davies, Ayanna-Witter Johnson, Maral Mohammadi, Hannah Schofield, Troy Banzara, Ms Peppy, Giuseppe Gallo and Ioanna Theodorakou (for the cover advice). Fabrizio Modenese Palumbo, Christian Bauer, Rosario Rivero, Peter Christopherson, the OTO and Hymenaeus Beta, Alfredo Hunter (for the re-energising and re-tuning), Marianne Soisalo (for being the first to show me the lights in the sky), the Greek Apostolic Church Of The Pentecost and all my unique and wonderful friends.

A special thanks to: Ernesto Tomasini, David Tibet, Marc Almond, Hector de Gregorio, Mark Logan, Andria Degens, Paul Jackson, my family and Gabriel for their generosity, support, help and invaluable advice.

May we all enter the 4th dimension in style and with a bang!