Bowery Electric
Blow Up / Electro Sleep

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December 8, 1997

US 12" Happy Go Lucky HAPPY013

  1. Blow Up
  2. Electro Sleep

Martha Schwendener
Lawrence Chandler

Above everything else, Bowery Electric are dedicated to one thing - pushing their music forward. Beat, their second full-length from Kranky found Bowery Electric experimenting with sampled beats and analog synthesizers to expand beyond the wondrous drones of their first self-titled LP. The new 12" on Happy Go Lucky shows the same forward progression.

Continuing with the experimentation of beats, Blow Up shows a side of Bowery Electric not yet witnessed - a rapid fire Drum and Bass excursion that will have the dance floor bumping. The addition of Jungle into the mix is not to say they've forgone their droning beginnings and that use of the drone is exactlty what makes Blow Up stand out from the crowd and rock so hard. Electrosleep on the flip side shows Bowery Electric pushing the boundaries in a different direction. The use of dissonant piano structures ad a 20th Century classical/post-Wagner twist to this slow burner

Consider this 12" a bold step forward and a taste of what's to come from Bowery Electric.