Edward Ka-Spel

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  1. Atomic Roses '95 (mix)
  2. Tsern Is Kowskijari Part 1
  3. Untitled
  4. Tsern Is Kowskijari Part 2
  5. Textures Of Illumina Part 1 - [BOG001]
  6. Textures Of Illumina Part 2 - [BOG001]

Edward Ka-Spel - keyboards, voice

Initially limited to 2 copies, with a third copy later burned.
All of the tracks are mixed together as one long song.
"Atomic Roses '95 (mix)" is a slightly different mix of the version that appears on the GLOBUS AND DECIBEL compilation.
"Textures of Illumina Part 1" and "Textures of Illumina Part 2" are the same material as sides 1 and 2 respectively of the THE TEXTURES OF ILLUMINA 10" EP release.
The other tracks are otherwise exclusive.