The Leather Nun
Slow Death

Cover Image

Cover Image


UK 12" Industrial IR0006

side a

  1. Slow Death
  2. Ensam I Natt

side b

  1. No Rule
  2. Death Threats

Jonas Almquist: vocals, rhythm and lead guitar on b1, all instruments on b2
Aron Aronsson: guitar
Freddie Wadling: bass and keyboards on a1
Gert Claesson: drums
Peter Christopherson: sleeve artwork

b2 recorded at Bagger Studio, Dec 14th 1978, engineered by Magnus Bagger
a1, a2, b1 recorded at Chall Sound Studio, May 25th 1979, engineered by Magnus Bagger and Challe Âström.
More background information can be found here.
Reissued on 12" vinyl by Criminal Damage Records (CRI MLP 113) in 1984 and Wire Records in 1986.