William S. Burroughs
Nothing Here Now But The Recordings

Cover Image
Cover Image


UK LP Industrial IR0016

side a

  1. Captain Clark Welcomes You Aboard
  2. The Saints Go Marching Through All the Popular Tunes
  3. Summer Will
  4. Outside The Pier Prowed Like Electric Turtles
  5. The Total Taste Is Here, News Cut-Up
  6. Choral Section, Backwards
  7. We See The Future Through The Binoculars Of The People
  8. Just Checking Your Summer Recordings

side b

  1. Creepy Letter, Cut-Up At The Beat Hotel In Paris
  2. Inching, "Is This Machine Recording?"
  3. Handkerchief Masks, News Cut-Up
  4. Word Falling, Photo Falling
  5. Throat Microphone Experiment
  6. It's About Time To Identify Oven Area
  7. Last Words Of Hassan Sabbah

Engineered by James Grauerholz
Co-Produced by James Grauerholz and Peter Christopherson
Sleeve design and photo by Peter Christopherson
Sleeven notes by Genesis P-Orridge
Included on 4xCD box The Best of William S. Burroughs from Giorno Poetry Systems, 1998.