Throbbing Gristle
Live at Oundle School

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UK VHS Industrial Records IRVC2
UK VHS Doublevision DV02 (1983 - new cover)
UK VHS Jettisounds TGV003 (1991)

  1. An Old Man Smiled
  2. Subhuman
  3. Heathen Earth
  4. Something Came Over Me
  5. Don't Do What You're Told Do What You Think
  6. Wall of Sound

Chris Carter
Peter Christopherson
Cosey Fanni Tutti
Genesis P-Orridge
Stan Bingo - camera

Recorded live at Oundle School in Peterborough, England 16th March, 1980. Aside from two school staff, the audience consisted of school boys between the ages of 8 and 16.
The Doublevision version includes Recording Heathen Earth.
Both PAL and NTSC editions exist.
Included in TGV - The Video Archive Of Throbbing Gristle.