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May 7, 2007

The second long player from Lichens, like his first, the largely improvised The Psychic Nature of Being, is an ascent to a higher plane. Rob Lowe's sound recordings are of a distinctly personal nature, works turned inward as much as they are projected outward.

This new album was conceived with the idea of it being a continuation of the first, while using slightly different techniques in recording and editing; from multitracking individual passes, and pulling single tracks in and out of the mix ("vevor of agassou" "faeries"), to opening up into a completely different process by overdubbing multiple tracks ("m st r ng w tchcr ft l v ng n sp r t"). All this while remaining firmly within the realm of improvisation, augmented with the use of skeletal frameworks.

The accompanying dvd video contains a single live 28 minute performance from Chicago's Empty Bottle that was recorded in 2006. All Lichens live shows are individual events and are not mere duplications of previous performances. Thus, the performance here is a unique snapshot of the Lichens live experience. The film was directed and produced by Mary Scherer and edited by Todd Mattei.

"Lichens launches skyward eerie, hymnal moans; atomized guitar chords; and meditative Fahey-esque fingerpicking... and the special knowledge to which only the most spiritual cats are privy." Dave Segal-The Stranger

"The impression is fostered that this is a colossal living organism, branching out into uncultivated lands, foreign concerns" Max Schaefer-Comes With a Smile

"Robert Lowe has crafted a solo universe of purely psychedelic beauty and mystery" Dream Magazine

"It's simply stunning, epic and totally timeless." Broken Face

"Natural, unexplainable, unpremeditated but deeply musical." Splendid


  1. Vevor of Agassou - [MP3]
  2. Faeries
  3. Bune - [MP3]
  4. M St r ng W tchcr ft L v ng n Sp r t
  5. Sighns - [MP3]