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Bird Show


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September 1, 2008

This is the third album by Ben Vida under his Bird Show moniker following his Lightning Ghost album from 2006 on kranky.

Recorded in Chicago, IL and Burlington, VT 2007-2008.

Ben Vida: Hammond XB-2, microKorg, Moog Voyager, Gibson SG, Berinbau, Shona Mbira, Slit Drum, Pan Pipes, Shakers, Vietnamese Jaw Harp, Tambourines, Ride Cymbal, Congas, Wood Flute, Ring Modulator, Elephant Bells, Violin, Qraqeb, Zither, Voice, Ten String Harp, Frame Drum, Finger Cymbals, Triangle.

Greg Davis: Gong, Bells, Field Recordings and Processing on Track 2.

Robert AA Lowe: Tambourine on Track 3,Voice on Tracks 6 and 8.

Adam Vida: Korg CX-3 on Track 1, Tambourine on Track 3, Ride Cymbal on Track 6.

Michael Zerang: Dumbek on Track 1.

Quotes for Lightning Ghost:

"...a wide-eyed circle dance of primal instincts and futuristic sound design." earplug

"...a superb balance of psych-folk-inflected songcraft and extended, raga-like drones." tiny mix tapes

"...explores the more spiritual sectors of astral jazz, pastoral psych-rock and sci-fi-flick electronics." alternative press

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Bird Show

Bird Show



  1. Two Organs and Dumbek
  2. Clouds and Th eir Shadows
  4. Synthesizer Solo
  5. Mbira, Harp and Voice
  6. Green Vines
  7. Percussion and Voice
  8. Pan Pipe Ensemble and Voice
  9. Berimbau
  10. Wood Flute, Berimbau, Mbira and Voice