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Ken Camden


Lethargy & Repercussion

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march 29, 2010

Ken Camden plays guitar. While those four words might imply something extremely limiting, Ken's playing and execution are anything but. His work seamlessly melds elements of modern composition, kosmische musik, eastern modal themes and academic electronic works; in other words, a good amount of the things we love here at kranky.

All of the pieces were recorded in real time with no overdubs, with the exception of Jupiter which was designed and recorded as a duet for two guitars. While this process may not result in the technical perfection that many strive for, it leaves in the idiosyncrasies that give sound recordings their life and their soul, that make them unique to the individual and the moment. Each final mix was chosen from multiple versions of each composition for the qualities inherent in the specific selected take.

What results are six intoxicating, structured atmospheres perfect for headphones and a deep recline into an enveloping chair.

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Ken Camden

Lethargy & Repercussion



  1. Birthday
  2. Raagini Robot
  3. In Your Ears
  4. Raga
  5. New Space
  6. Jupiter