The Orb vs. Meat Beat Manifesto
Battersea Shield

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November 22, 2004

UK CDEP Malicious Damage MD600

  1. Matron
  2. 1855 BC
  3. Insane

Alex Patterson
Jack Dangers (1/2)
Lynn Farmer - Drums (1/2)

Tracks 1 & 2 recorded live in Mill Valley, Summer of 2001 at Tape Lab Studios, California.

Track 3 recorded and mixed in Concrete Hull 2004; Written by Le Gonidec / Paterson.

Presented in an embossed round tin based on the celtic design of the original Battersea shield. It comes in two different tins, in the shops it's in a silver tin. Direct orders from Malicious Damage's website come in a gold tin plus two badges and a receipt stamped by Alex.

"Matron" is the same as "Horn of Jericho" on RUOK?.

this sonic trip to insanity and beyond sees alex 'orb' paterson in cahoots with jack dangers & lynn farmer of meat beat manifesto - one of the most influential and experimental set-ups ever to hit the dance floor - in an audio explosion of spherical-industrial-dub-electro-techno-funk delights

"matron blends brittle drum with subterranean bass, cycling synth arpeggios and a collage of vocal sounds from whispers to laughter... on 1855 vocal fragments spread over a bricolage of percussive sounds and electronic noise with a dub-reggae mood... insane builds to a climax ofpounding backbeat, wriggling synth-lines and screams of "i'm insane!!" - The Independent