Black Ships Eat The Sky
2006 December CD UK
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Track Listing
  1. Idumæa (vocals: Marc Almond) (3:28)
  2. Sunset (The Death Of Thumbelina) (3:18)
  3. Black Ships In The Sky (3:36)
  4. Then Kill Cæsar (3:52)
  5. Idumæa (vocals: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) (2:43)
  6. This Autistic Imperium Is Nihil Reich (4:03)
  7. The Dissolution Of 'The Boat Millions Of Years' (3:44)
  8. Idumæa (vocals: Baby Dee) (4:18)
  9. Bind Your Tortoise Mouth (3:18)
  10. Idumæa (vocals: Antony) (2:03)
  11. Black Ships Seen Last Year South Of Heaven (4:17)
  12. Abba Amma (Babylon Destroyer) (3:22)
  13. Idumæa (vocals: Clodagh Simonds) (2:33)
  14. Black Ships Were Sinking Into Idumæa (vocals: Cosey Fanni Tutti) (11:32)
  15. The Beautiful Dancing Dust (vocals: Antony) (0:57)
  16. Idumæa (vocals: Pantaleimon) (3:09)
  17. Vauvauvau (Black Ships In Their Harbours) (4:35)
  18. Idumæa (vocals: David Tibet) (3:04)
  19. Black Ships Ate The Sky (4:20)
  20. Why Cæsar Is Burning Part I (2:49)
  21. Idumæa (vocals: Shirley Collins) (2:43)
Michael Cashmore
Ida Mercer
Iris Bishop
Amy Phillips
Sleeve Notes
Paraphrasing from the Durtro site:

This is an absolutely ALTERNATIVE version of the BLACK SHIPS ATE THE SKY album.

All the tracks sung by David Tibet on this album are radically different mixes/versions of the tracks from the previously released standard version.

The versions of IDUMEA tend to be the same, although Marc Almond's version uses a totally different vocal take.

The 'alternative version' does sound very different indeed. Steven Stapleton and David Tibet worked on it for as long as they worked on the construction of the 'standard' version to make it a conceptual whole, not merely a collection of different mixes. This version was considered for being the 'proper' release of BLACK SHIPS ATE THE SKY, which is to say that Steven, Colin and David could not decide which was the most powerful and moving version. After they finished the BLACK SHIPS sessions they had 126 different mixes of 29 different songs, not including bridging sections.

Its order, and track titles, are the same as on the 'standard' version, with the exception of the track 'Why Cæsar Is Burning': on the standard '...ATE THE SKY' edition we use Part 2 of the song, and on '...EAT THE SKY' we use Part 1.

It is NOT the same as the 'I AM BLACK SHIP' CD which was given to advance subscribers ONLY for 'Black Ships Ate The Sky', with the promise it would not be released in any other form, nor does it use any of the versions available on the above-mentioned 12 track CD, 'I AM BLACK SHIP'.

All the printed text on this album is in Coptic, and the sleeve design is totally different to BLACK SHIPS ATE THE SKY.