Edward Ka-Spel
A Birth Marked Conspiracy

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US LP Beta-Lactam Ring MT008
  1. Conception - [MP3]
  2. I Can Cry If I Want To

Edward Ka-Spel - keyboards, voice

Limited to 70 copies in the following formats:
50 signed and numbered copies, each in a cloth bag with various inserts and a signed photo of Edward, and packaged in a wooden box held closed with cloth straps; the copies given to Edward for personal use also include ornate brass plaques and extra inserts.
5 copies with a melted vinyl record on the cover with wax dripped onto it.
15 copies in a regular cover, sealed with wax.
Available only via mail order, with each copy personalized on a unique insert stating "This box made for (name) on (date)".
A CD-R or less limited (and less ornate) LP edition may follow. "I Can Cry If I Want To" was supposed to be titled "I'll Cry If I Want To", but was given the wrong title on the record insert by mistake.