Edward Ka-Spel
O'er A Shalabast'r Tyde Strolt Ay

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US LP Beta-Lactam Ring MT048

side a

  1. An Ill Wind - [MP3]

side b

  1. O'Riley's Comet - [MP3]
  2. Safer Than The Open - [MP3]

side c

  1. Clara Rockmore's Dog - [MT145]

side d

  1. Stars On Some Days - [MT145]

bonus CDR

  1. Clara Rockmore's Dog (instrumental)

Edward Ka-Spel - keyboards, voice

A continuation of Caste O' Graye Skreeens.
Vinyl is limited to 500 copies on 220 gram vinyl.
Copies include stickers and inserts.
Vinyl sub-edition of 30 copies were also pressed.
The sub-edition came packaged with a wood wall plaque with different inserts and stickers. It also includes a bonus 7" (listed above as sides C and D) and a signed, numbered, handwritten story, poem, or "thought of the day" by Edward.
Some mailorder LP copies came with an unlabeled CDR featuring Clara Rockmore's Dog (Instrumental) which appears on the CD as a bonus wav file
100 t-shirts and 100 posters were also printed for this release.

art edition
Clara Rockmore's Dog 7" (side a)
Clara Rockmore's Dog 7" (side b)

US CD Beta-Lactam Ring MT048b
  1. An Ill Wind - [MP3]
  2. O'Riley's Comet - [MP3]
  3. Safer Than The Open - [MP3]

enhanced content

CD edition is limited to 999 copies.
MT048bart is a sub-edition of the CD release packaged in a handmade wallet with 6 CD-size inserts on archival photopaper. No extra music is included on this sub-edition.
After the CD version sold out some covers remained and were sold with a CDR copy of the album

art edition