The Legendary Pink Dots
A Dream is a Dream is a Dream

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US DVD Beta-Lactam Ring MT101

  1. Dream Intro / Curious Guy
  2. The Plasma Twins
  3. Premonition 16/She said
  4. The Hill
  5. Echo Police
  6. Rattlesnake Arena
  7. Poppy Day
  8. The Jewel In The Crown
  9. Our Lady In Chambers
  10. Guardians Of Eden
  11. The Dairy
  12. Neon Gladiators
  13. Love Puppets
  14. The Heretic
  15. I Am The Way, The Truth, The Light
  16. Silverture / Flowers For The Silverman

Edward Ka-Spel - vocals
Stret Majest - guitar
The Silverman - keyboards
Jason Salmon - bass
Graham Whitehead - keyboards
Patrick Q Wright - violin

Region free NTSC DVD recorded live at De Vrije Vloer in Utrecht, Holland, on January 21,1987 featuring the orginal 6 piece line up. First 1000 DVD's are in a 6 color gatefold wallet.