Aleph At Docetic Mountain
2010 March CD UK Coptic Cat NIFE009CD
333 in card sleeve
Track Listing
  1. Approaching Docetic Mountain (19:40)
  2. Invocation Of Almost (10:46)
  3. On Docetic Mountain (9:42)
  4. Aleph Is The Butterfly Net (4:30)
  5. Not Because The Fox Barks (8:54)
  6. I Looked To The South Side Of The Door (4:41)
  7. She Took Us To The Places Where The Sun Sets (3:11)
  8. UrShadow (2:06)
  9. Black Ships Ate The Sky (3:35)
Sleeve Notes
Track 1: original studio demo mix of 'Adam At Docetic Mountain'. Andrew Liles: Electronics, Alex Neilson: drums and percussion, David Tibet: vocals. Tracks 2-9 recorded Live by José Pacheco at the soundchecks on 16 & 17 May 2009 at Salón Teatro, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, for which the line-up was James Blackshaw, Baby Dee, Andrew Liles, Alex Neilson (on 17 May only), David Tibet and Keith Wood. Photos: Andria Degens. Many thanks to Giulio di Mauro, José Pacheco, Rosario Rivero, Nick Evans, Katya Garcia Gomez, Nidge Ince, Mark Logan and Paul Jackson.
Came with book 'Aleph On Docetic Mountain'
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