And When Rome Falls
2012 April CD UK Coptic Cat NIFE016CD
1000 In two panel digipak
Track Listing
  1. Time Of The Last Persecution (3:52)
  2. Niemandswasser (8:58)
  3. Calling For Vanished Faces II (6:33)
  4. Black Flowers, Please (2:52)
  5. Mary Waits In Silence (2:48)
  6. Good Morning, Great Moloch (4:21)
  7. Alone (8:16)
  8. Sunset / Black Ships Ate The Sky (10:06)
  9. Tortoise Mouth (3:03)
  10. Monkey Paw (6:50)
  11. A Sadness Song (4:24)
  12. The Bloodbells Chime (4:27)
  13. Oh, Coal Black Smith (3:01)
  14. A Gothic Love Song (For N.) (3:37)
Sleeve Notes
Tracks 1,2 & 3 recorded on November 28, 2005. All other tracks recorded on November 29. 2005.

Current 93 fell with Rome as Maja Elliott as piano, John Contreras as cello and David Tibet as voice.

Thank you to Daniela Cascella for organising the evenings, to José Pacheco for compiling the CD and to Andrew Liles for mastering it. My love, too, to Jessica Chappell, Steve Pittis and Mark Logan for their Love as All. 1,000 copies of this CD were manufactured in commemmoration of Current 93's appearances in Malmö, Berlin, St. Petersburg and Moscow in April 2012. All songs by Current 93 except "Time Of The last Persecution" by Bill Fay. We are published by Domino Music and we are SPELLER.

Cover painting: detail from Pazuzann Over Clowntown by David Tibet. Inner painting: detail from What Arose When Rome Fell by David Tibet. Photograph by Eric Berdondini. Sleeve design by David Tibet and Paul Jackson.