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May 24, 2010

US CDEP Killer Pimp PIMPK019

  1. Shelter (Syntaks)
  2. Mirrors In Your Eyes (Strategy)
  3. Sparkle in the Dark (GTO)
  4. Listen (Screen Vinyl Image)
  5. But It's So (Colder)
  6. I'm So Tired (Lawrence Chandler)

Kim Field - Vocals, Q-Chord, Omnichord, Keyboard
John Ceparano - Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Mark Robinson - Keyboard
James Renard - Drums
Sanford Santacroce - Bass

Soundpool follow their critically acclaimed 2010 album Mirrors In Your Eyes with this fantastic limited CD EP (Killer Pimp will only sell 500 copies) of six remixes and reinterpretations. Syntaks, Strategy, GTO, Screen Vinyl Image, Colder, and Lawrence Chandler (of Bowery Electric fame) have all twisted and turned these soon-to-be-classic pop gems around and infused them with new life. Available separately or FREE with a purchase of the Mirrors In Your Eyes LP while supplies last.

"an enjoyable, stylish record" - Tiny Mix Tapes

"both exemplary and blindingly excellent" - Delusions of Adequacy

"An unstoppable sugar rush for the ears" - Textura

"This is music you haphazardly pogo stick to in the middle of a barely-lit club while psychedelic light stencils flash erratically over you and your posse. " - Alget Eaters