Edward Ka-Spel
Inferno / Illusion

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US 10" Robot Records RR02

  1. The Inferno [SOL60]
  2. The Illusion [SOL60]

Edward Ka-Spel - music
Covered up by Lady Loop

Edition of 990 copies.
There are also around 20 test pressing copies on black vinyl.



back cover
colored vinyl variants

I was grinning from ear to ear when this little beauty popped through the letterbox, and that was before I even had it on the record deck. It features two long tracks from the Dots frontman, very much in the style of the more ambient tracks from his last CD. Inferno is the more motivated of the two pieces, constantly re-evolving itself as it progresses. Ka-spel puts more original ideas into one song than most can hope for in an albums worth. His thin voice floats through the haze before being swallowed up by the swirling morass. Illusion= is quieter but still retains an element of menace, a hint of something threatening. Oh, it"s on marbled pink vinyl too with a classic Lady Loop sleeve. Inspired. - VL (Veil), Music From The Empty Quarter Issue 9 of March 1994


Forever lost, but not forgotten. Dangling on a rope. The sky was black. The wind was rotten. He never lost his hope. Elementals, they muttered oaths and Sysyphus threw stones. Fantasize the sunset, murmured all those sticks and stones won't ever hurt me. They can't touch me, but please don't call me names, you can't touch me... you won't touch me...

[other voice with much delay, maybe repeating parts of the words above]


A dream is a dream and a matter - there's no meaning.