Kristiansen and Kvarforth Swim In The Sea Of Equilibrium While Waiting...
2007 CD-R NO
393 hand numbered copies in paper sleeve
Track Listing
  1. Who Will Deliver Us From Gold & Planets (2:26)
  2. Slow Pain Coming (6:53)
  3. A Valley Below (8:55)
Sleeve Notes
Recorded and mixed by Ronny Rune and Maniac at Loco Studios Nov. 2007

Current 93 were David Tibet, Andrew Liles and some vanished faces. This introductory collage destruct was created at the request of Sven-Erik Fuzz Kristiansen and is dedicated to him.

All music and lyrics by Maniac.
S.P.C. re-arranged by Kvarforth

Spacebrain: Holy Bass
The Bianco: Drums
Kvarforth: Guitars and some backing vox
Maniac: Vocals, Guitars and Mindfuck

A word of respect to the following:
Patricia, Rune & Ronny, Hoegh, Azztri, Vivian Slaughter, David & Andrew, Club Maiden...