The Legendary Pink Dots
Stained Glass Soma Fountains

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Legendary Pink Dots - Stained Glass Soma Fountain [Disc 1]

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July 7, 1997

US CDx2 Soleilmoon SOL46

disc a

  1. A Pale Green Introduction - Love On A Pale Green Postage Stamp
  2. Premonition 12
  3. MMMMMMMMMMMM... (First Version) - [STLPD009]
  4. The Lifesucker - [STLPD009]
  5. The Divorce - [STLPD009]
  6. Jungle (First Version) - [MIRROR01]
  7. The Haunted Supermarket
  8. No Bell No Prize - [MIRROR01]
  9. Plague 2 - [MIRROR01]
  10. Find The Lady - [MIRROR01]
  11. Judith A Hum - Praum Naizh - A Pale Green Sequel
  12. Suicide Pact - [MIRROR01]

disc b

  1. Waiting For The Call - You 'n' Me
  2. April's Song
  3. Frosty
  4. Defeated - [MD01]
  5. A Message From Our Sponsor (First Version) - [MIRROR01]
  6. Ice Baby Cometh - [STLPD009]
  7. Hanging Gardens (Flowmotion Version)
  8. Jack - Thursday Night Fever #1 - Die With Your Eyes On - Opus Dei - [MD04]
  9. Premonition 18 (Part One) - [MIRROR03]
  10. Premonition 18 (Part Two) - [MIRROR03]

Edward Ka-Spel - voices, keyboards
The Silverman - keyboards
various others...

A collection of tracks from early cassette releases, compilation appearances, and other material.
These tracks were originally planned to be included on the Soleilmoon CD editions of the first four albums but had to be left off for "contractual reasons."
A1 is from a compilation which will remain nameless
A2 is from the compilationQED
B2 is the oldest surviving recording of The Legendary Pink Dots. The band was still named "One Day..." at the time. The name change occured one month later
B7 is from the compilation Flowmotion
the rest is unreleased

In a hollow stone beneath a mossy log, somewhere in a deep green forest far far away, dwells a race of tiny people who call themselves "the ancient ones." Their history goes back so far that not one of them remembers exactly where they originally came from, or how they arrived here. It's safe to say that they've been around longer than us "tall folk". Their best friends are mushrooms, and they claim to know who built the pyramids in Egypt, but they're not telling anyone. Not yet anyway.

The Legendary Pink Dots found these small apparitions one summer day when their bus overheated and broke down at the edge of that far away forest. It was a happy accident that led them to meet each other, for the "ancient folk" were in search of a new source of peppermint, from which they liked to brew their favorite drink. The Legendary Pink Dots happened to be carrying several bags of peppermint tea, the delicious aroma of which could be smelled by the little people, even though they were on the other side of the mountain. Flying on the backs of dragonflies they went directly to shiny pink bus parked by the side of the road, where they found the Dots practicing their music and waiting for the motor to cool down. They introduced themselves.

Within moments The Legendary Pink Dots had overcome their shock at meeting such strange folk, and soon a deal was struck to exchange a modest amount of peppermint tea for a magical spell that would give whosoever learned it the ability to write the most beautiful songs ever heard in the world. The power of this spell was such that the songs composed by The Legendary Pink Dots after this encounter travelled to every corner of the planet, inspiring mass outbreaks of vegetarianism and other gestures of love and optimism.

This collection of songs brings together tracks from numerous rare cassettes, compilations and unreleased recordings, including the oldest surviving recording of the LPDs, made when the band was still called One Day. It should very much be considered a companion to Under Triple Moons, released recently by ROIR. Both CDs present the band's earliest works, many of which have been impossible to obtain until now.

A Pale Green Introduction/Love On A Pale Green Postage Stamp

The lights went down in Lemon Town and the peeler shed her snake. I dived inside her birthday cake, then watched them diving blind though exits leading nowhere. Yes, we caught their screams on tape. I watched as they fell into the abyss... (if God had meant us to sin, he would have given us horns!)

Premonition 12

Little Winston waded across the pond. He stroked his swan, which spat and said "I'll break your leg. Tread carefully." He did. He reached for his waterwings, he tried to swim, but he scraped his abdomen and howled. While mummy growled and grabbed a towel. Now now. There there. A tear is worse, a tear will fall, but nothing more. They huddled in the sun. They pointed at an object in the sky which hovered, spraying gentle rain. They fainted. Then they melted. Not a hint of pain, all that remained was just a chair. A pile of clothes. A radio disclosing "One of our satelites is leaking" Stereo "One of our satelites is leaking. Keep inside, keep inside. One of our satelites is leaking!"


Pig sucked on a cigarette and mucked the stable. Draped a cable `round the farmers neck and pulled and called the vet who galloped `round. Pronounced him dead. They laid the table. Turned the spit and baby kitten chewed a finger, lingered on a leg and licked his paws. It's neat to be a carnivor! Passed the plate with farmer's head on. Sheepy shook a fist and said he looked like John the Baptist. Piggy did the twist said `Try me - I'm salami'. Threw the garlic salt and waltzed across the floor. They stuck their forks in. They ate him raw. It's neat to be a carnivor!

The Lifesucker

A talon stretches east, and a claw's extending west. Spider's crawling 'round his eyes. Eagle tattooed on his chest, he looks a mess. Skin and bone. Too many nights alone. He's staring at the phone, it never rings. And he lights candles, red and orange. Calls her name, she 's there. He's there, he's flying. Swear I heard her wicked laugh. He snapped a photograph. Her fingers clutched around his heart. And squeezing , Teasing triumph in her eyes. What a way to die. Another sucker for the life sucker.

The Divorce

Time slips by in lines, and [parades] are slowing down, the flowing gown. Now thread bare. Locked up in the cupboard with the yellow photographs, she hasn't seen for years. Mirrors lie. The ring has blackened round her little finger. She'd like to cut it off and float back to the summer when she still believed in love, still believed in love. Still believed in love.

Jungle (First Version)

Parcels for the kids, the parcel bombs were left in bins... They were singing hymns and rattling tins. A hand stretched out and caught him, knocked him through a window. And they were fingering his coat, looking for the price tag. Took his fags. Shook his wallet. Stripped him of his shoes. Left him naked - like a mannequin that's bleeding. A weeping doll without a string to pull. A shop assistant hauled him to the dump with all the others. Struck a match and up they went! Only brave men make it in the jungle!

The Haunted Supermarket (Instrumental)

No Bell No Prize

transcribed by diogon

Someday we took these silver coin, She pushed them down went spinning round and round, and rattle clean away, she didn't mind 'cause Sylvie loves to play. Little bells don't ring. Hold hands and freeze just tease, say it, try again. No change. Takes change in handfuls, pulls the handle the story stayed the same. She kicked and she choked and she had a stroke. They stretchered Sylvie away=2E And down she rolled to Hell was Hell like bells. Two little signs say sold and I've locked on hold, but still she plays, yes Sylvie loves to play, she'll play all day. Play all day. Sylvie loves to play all day, loves to play. Love all day.

Plague 2

Everybody, do the plague, do the funky plague. Bubonic Plague, you call it plague. Rolling in the gutter, riding in the butter. They're burning down the church, and you've got the plague. I see the rivers, the rivers of blood. Rivers running, rivers running. Rivers running, scarlet rivers. The bells are ringing, the bells are ringing. The bells are ringing for me and my girl and she's got the plague, I've got the plague. We've all the plague! We're all gonna die. (Laughter as only Ka-spel can do it...) [conscious cats] Bring out your dead. They're all in the barrel. The angel streets, the kids are playing, knock down ginger fingers on the helm, they run away. The Under God says go to hell. A yellow cross up on the door, yellow splashes on the floor. A smell of [juice and dinner]. And the (?) isn't sure. Know the rats are biting, the city's men are fighting. Cracks collapse the wall away. "Ring a ring of roses, ring a ring of roses. Ring a ring of roses," sing the ghosts. "A ring a ring of roses a pocket full of posies a tissue, a tissue, all fall down. Ring a ring of roses a pocket full of posies a tissue, a tissue, all fall down. Ring a ring of roses a pocket full of posies, a tissue, a tissue, all fall down."

Find the Lady

Dominoes and poison darts piled in a cart. Your lucky day! you choose your game, you pick a card, you find the lady, chase the ace. It's double spades. She's staring straight at you and you know she knows something you're not aware of, sees the shadow blocking out the sun. The column in the paper. In memorium. In your name. Sees you sliding in the pit as the preacher spits, as the rats run in the crypt. The congregation getting smaller - crosses stretch for miles. A consecrated camp, the marble zoo and she begs to joins the queue, It's Judgement Day=2E Anne Boleyn is shouting Boo! (Because a ghost cannot applaud). She throws confetti from the stalls, from the stalls. [reaches] for the bell, helps you slide into hell. Smell of burning tar. The Devil turning cards. It's Double Spades, crown your Lady. Double spades you crowned your Lady. Alone again. Alone again. Alone again. Find the Lady. Slide the other way.

Judith A Hum/Praum Naizh/ A Pale Green Sequel

(Instrumental)(Besides some strange vocal sounds, the only sentence I can understand in the song is "Don't leave me" This is otherwise a song full of typical Pink Dottiness).

Suicide Pact

Pick a straw, or spin the bottle. Spin the barrel. Draw. You're quicker from the hip. And the trigger never sticks. But will you take it further? Taste the metal, squeeze again, complete the bargain. Hold my hand, as cities burn away. And children turn to ash in charcoal gardens... will you pardon my concern? I think I'll catch the bullet in my teeth, join the circus with the freaks. The bearded ladies, the babies with a dozen heads, the jelly legs and the green albinos. They're queuing at the door. So many more to choose from since the world went up in flames. Forget the names, we're only faces in the fire...

Waiting for the call - You 'n' Me (September 1980)

Shuffling through the ciggy packs, the broken bottles, plastic bags. Sprinkling crumbs in corners for the vermin. There's a feast in the old rat-hole tonight. Little lady fair and rats from miles around will come to fight for their rat's full share. It's a pity that the party will be ruined by a guest armed with a spray. Spraying murder. Playing plagues. It's early, I should be in bed. They're bombing Brixton in my head. But still I slink in silence to the station. A busker in the subway hums a tune apathetically, while showing me the windows in his shoes for some sympathy. The sun turned to a nova as he stroked his beard, swiveled dim blue eyes. Gave him nothing. He sold me knives. You and me alone together, you in suede, me in leather. Laughing on our island blowing bubbles at the world. Free from business complications, sleeping pills, bitching nations, hemorrhoids and constipation. What a thrill! Heaven indeed, sad he's only dreaming. It's time that I accepted things the way they really are. You, me, me, your supporting cast of thousands, squash into a chute, we're sending maydays out for air. If you smashed the other cheek I wouldn't feel it. Stand on me, stamp on me, stamp out my existence. I've got this dread disease, you'd better throw me out of town. Don't you recognise the eyes of a loser? String me up, cut me down, bury me in concrete. Don't waste a slab of marble on an alien like me. It might make it that much harder to forget me. You, me, alone together, us in leather, lovely leather. The whole world, dressed in leather, lovely leather. In lovely weather. What a dream. It suits me, does it suit you? Old man tried to make a dash. He's blind, he just ran out of cash. Inspector smirked and smashed him in the ribcage. Told him "Wait, you're not going anywhere. You're in custody. I'm bored, got a headache, couldn't care about your poverty. How old you are, how poor you are - don't matter, everybody's gotta pay. Pay the money. Pay the man." Deities in uniform spout up from unseen barriers. Fingers tapping "Chopsticks" on their holsters. It's your time or your money, perhaps your shirt, little lady fair. Slip a hand inside your raincoat, you're a cert for intensive care. For your local laughing policeman's only happy when you're writhing in a heap. Learned our lessons. We keep in line.

April's Song (August 1980)

Always tell a woman what a woman wants to hear, with words that say she's lovely, and songs that draw her near. The world is full of sorrow, make people happy where you can. As it's best to be dishonest. [can't I reget in your poem] you say don't be so crazy, you've got to be cruel to be kind. So fly, 'til you come back there. To love me time after time. You say don't wait for me, girl. And don't you waste your life for me. Don't you know I'll refind us and love you all the time. Time! All the time. (x2)

Frosty (September 1980)

He always looked behind him, scared somebody would jump him. Put him on the ground so he'd come around to the sound of people laughing. 'Cos the whole world loved to mock him. Sun and moon both pointed at him. Kids would crick their necks to get a better view. Well, it really did his mind in, and we wanted to protect him. So we placed his face in a smash-proof case and placed it in the fridge. They giggled in the corners, whispered lies across the borders. They derided him and chided him 'til he carried out their orders. But he dashed into the limelight, played at Hamlet for a fortnight. Waved his arms and screamed demands for some respect. But they just could not excuse him, it was really too amusing. So he packed his sack and scrambled back to safety in the fridge. And I swear I saw his spirit skim the sky with nothing near it. Piled armour-plated roller skates, white feather train to steer it. Scared somebody would look up, gesticulate and throw up. Send him flitting, flitting scarred behind a cloud. But for him, there's no escaping, no hole big enough to hide in. Best just to stay nicely out the way in safety in the fridge. In the village bells were tolling, in the town the dogs were howling. It was Armageddon, tanks crashed head-on, planet Earth was drowning. Then the Devil sent a shower, Europe died in half an hour. And a demon wind just finished off the rest. But our friend, he took a teabreak, idly munching on a fish-cake. Quite oblivious and ignorant but cosy in the fridge. It's so cold there, in the fridge. It's so icy, frosty. So cold in the fridge.

Defeated (Spetember 1980)

Crazy Garry pulled the blinds + fed the lions + read the lines that skipped the page + made her dizzy, dozzy. Does she care? Does he? The answer's 'NO!' It's always 'NO'. There's no escape, no secret doors. There's nowhere you can hide. No way. You're finished, fated, defeated. She stumbled through the cafe doors down on all fours to loud applause - ordered a meat mandrax + a belladonna squash to quosh the pain. There's a difference at madonna's that can carry you away. It made her day, they pumped her dry; they wiped her eyes. She just survived + she can prove it with her bracelet. At least the money wasn't wasted. But she's defeated (nowhere to hide). Still defeated.

A Message From Our Sponsor (Version 1)

I will not desert you, I just stepped back a little. Kept a low profile. Smiled as you kissed the ground I walked on. But I made the occasional suprise visit. I like your temples. Those festivals you hold in my honor. I'm flattered, really. And you abused me at first, but I grew, well, fond of you. Though somebody fought over me. And some cursed me. And some thought I died and some thought I never existed. It's OK. I don't interfere. I'd never interefere, no matter what you do. Take care now, hear? [How funny, huh?]

Ice Baby Cometh

Bunny wails, the cradle's waiting. Dad stares at his shoes. While doctor probes the apature. But inside, nothing moves. No answer. Man the knitted mittens. Grandpa boards a tank. But lo his only daughter's pushing, he's only firing blanks. No answer. Daddy kisses his lucky penny. Nurse hums a nursery rhyme. While mommy's screaming for the morphine. Baby wants more time. Still no answer.

Hanging Gardens (Flowmotion Version)

Jack/Thursday Night Fever #1/Die With Your Eyes On/Opus Dei

If a look could kill, if a touch caused a seizure. You'd be dead as that rock. No room in the freezer. Squeeze you with my fingers, tease you, 'til you rattle, like an engine, that's collapsing, gasping out for oil. You nervous? Well you should be. You know how jealous I get. I'm jealous boy. As for your new friend. He'll lend his days down an alley, shall he call the law. I doubt it. Curtains closing, faster, faster, tense young lovers. Two statistics. Nervous? Well he should be. You can see how jealous I am. Your jealous boy. Want you home alone. Ignore the phone, except when you're convinced it's me, inquiring about your welfare. I care about your paintings. I care about your poems. Love's like that. Caring, sharing on our own together. And you'll be there when I'm back from work. Those jerks who bark their orders, smoulder, leer. Patronize. It's insincere. But you'll be there. Comfort me. Make my tea, make me king again. The pain will go away and we'll make plans about our cottage. Miles away, no interruptions. Us together, never seeing anyone. And if you want to dance, we'll fit the lounge up with a disco. The stereo, we'll boogie on our own. (alone) Way it's meant to be. Let's boogie down. You're coming home with me tonight, leave him. (My girl) I need you more than he does. To him you're just a game. Just a game. You're my girl. I own you.

Premonition 18 (Part One)

(Spanish) Instrumental

Premonition 18 (Part Two)


compiled/transcribed by Jason Fergus