Throbbing Gristle
We Hate You (Little Girls)/Five Knuckle Shuffle

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Cover Image


FR 7" Sordide Sentimental SS45001
UK 7" Adolescent AR-TT 010 (1981)

  1. We Hate You (Little Girls) - [TGCD3] [MP3]
  2. Five Knuckle Shuffle - [TGCD3] [MP3]

Chris Carter
Peter Christopherson
Cosey Fanni Tutti
Genesis P-Orridge

A-side is 33 rpm, B-side is 45 rpm. Sordie Sentimental release came in double gatefold A4 size sleeve. Enclosures of text by Jean Pierre Turmel, collages by G. P-Orridge. Cover artworks by Yves Surlemont and Lou Lou Picasso. Yellow centre labels with Black print. Cover Yellow, Blue, Black and White. Five Knuckle Shuffle is Yorkshire slang for masturbating. Sordide Sentimental ed. limited to 1560 cps. Adolescent release in normal single bag with picture sleeve design by Stan Bingo of Mortuary safes.

Additional images:
45: (a side)
(b side)
cover (outisde the plastic wrap)
first interior page (folds out left)
center page with glued parchment holder for record and inserts
second interior page (folds out right)
third interior page (covers disk until opened out)
back page, reverse side of record holder page
first paper insert, front side
first paper insert, reverse side
second paper insert, first page (of four, folded full sheet translation of french text pamphlet)
second paper insert, second page
second paper insert, third page
second paper insert, fourth page

Even more fed up
You're gonna get fed up
You're gonna be fed up
You're gonna see fed up
You're gonna get fed up
Fed Up Fed Up Fed Up
You're gonna get set up
You're gonna go fed up
You're gonna go bed up
You're gonna go sped up
You're gonna be said up
You're gonna get set up
A set up a fed up a set up
I said what a get up
Am fed up Am fed up Am fed up
Am fuckin a fed up
Am fucking my bed up
Am fucking amphetamine
I've had a lobotomy
A botom a botomy
Am always a victim
Am tired of the victim
A time of the victor
A try to assess me
A try to possess me
Assess possess amphetamine
A friend of mine
Here you are
We're here are two
Are you
You over there
You're the one I am
I am that lazy boy all over take some more I need some sleep
Just an animal a twisted up animal I want to be left alone
I want that not to assess me not to possess me not to attack me
Not to distract me I even get fed up
Fed up
Don't do this I do this All my friends do this Am fed up
Am fed up I put my feet up I wish I go to sleep
Fed up fed up fed up
Deaded Deaded
Empty bottles makin noise
I can see you fed up
In the corner asking
Gonna be set up all night set up
Fed up
Getting your way with a five pound note

We hate you little girls
All the time
Everytime little girls
I hate you little girls
With your little curls
And your pretty dress
And your little breasts
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you little girls
I hate you little girls
I hate your little tits
I hate your little clits
I hate your mother too
I hate you
I hate you
I hate you HATE YOU
I hate you fucking little girls
I hate
We hate
You hate
They hate
We hate you little girls
I hate you