Edward Ka-Spel
Lyvv China Doll

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NL CS Mirrordot Tapes/Jarmusic

side a

  1. Wenn Alte Götter Sterben
  2. Tower 8
  3. The Char Char - [MP3]
  4. Corridors Of Deceit
  5. Dada
  6. Infirmary Waltz
  7. (Untitled)
  8. Lying In State
  9. Sneezing Choirs
  10. March Of The Anorexic Locusts
  11. Beautiful, Plastic
  12. Pretty Ribbons
  13. The Horn Section

side b

  1. So Gallantly Screaming
  2. Flesh Parade
  3. Aaδzhyd China Doll
  4. Tanz Der China Doll
  5. Golden Dawn
  6. Avengelist
  7. God In A Cupboard
  8. Love In A Plain Brown Envelope

Edward Ka-Spel

Packaged in a plastic bag with double-sided color insert of collage artwork, plus a double-sided b&w insert with live pictures and text, and a single-sided b&w insert with selected lyrics.
Limited, numbered edition of 834 copies.
The original intention was a simple live document...but, ultimately, that's as unsatisfying for me as it is for the listener. Hence, Lyvv features previously unheard pieces like 'When Old Gods Die', Tower 8 RETITLED of course for 'contractual' reasons as well as obscure oddities like 'Pretty Ribbons' and 'Corridors of Deceit'. Pieces I like but could never find the right place for. This K7 also documents the first performance under the banner 'Edward Ka-Spel / d'archangel' in Deventer, Holland back in 1985 with Ignit on keyboards.

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Edward Ka-Spel - Lyvv China Doll

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NL CD Staalplaat STCD060

  1. The Char Char - [MP3]
  2. Wenn Alte Gotter Sterben
  3. Tower 8
  4. Bleak House
  5. Corridors Of Deceit
  6. Dada
  7. Infirmary Waltz
  8. (Untitled)
  9. Lying In State
  10. Sneezing Choirs
  11. March Of The Anorexic Locusts
  12. Beautiful, Plastic
  13. Pretty Ribbons
  14. Vla
  15. Culumnyetz
  16. God Bless The Cavalry Part 1
  17. God Bless The Cavalry Part 2
  18. Zyrrup
  19. The Horn Section
  20. Intent
  21. Bleeding Finale

A collection of the studio material from the original cassette plus other "experiments" and outtakes.

The Char Char

The letter was corroded, the fuses had exploded, the circuts floated on a pool of oil. They wrenched the (flecks) had snapped and sparks flew dark blue clouds and jet black walls. An apple crumbled, firemen grumbled, fumbled with a hose. Toes were curling in their white boots, sweating in their tight asbestos suits and Asmodeus played the flute. A table layed a chair and did the char char charred spitting splinters. Blisters throbbed and sisters sobbed behind the fence. Fire that burned the incense blessed the ashes as they flew. Fly away, fly away, fly away Peter, fly away Paul

Wenn Alte Gotter Sterben

Upside down and hanging. Gangreen. Dark green ankles. Rusty chains. And lusting vultures bowling dice - see who gets first bite. Frostbite! Lockjaw! MORE! See sores weep, flesh creep. Skin deep beauty lives inside his rotting carcass. Locked away, it drains away. Like a love note in a trashcan, like a sapphire in a sack. And no one's singing hymns to him. No trembling sinners, no respect... We shed our tears, but we just accept - this old God's dying of neglect. This old god's dying of neglect. Neglect.

Tower 8

Lie there face down and be quiet. Captain barked, "Red carpets roll." ??? left the helicoptor, left his marquee stroll. Respecting sores and shouting scores. The white glove glowing in the spotlight. Probbing with his stethescope for gold. The palace, the landscape with traitors as lampshades, waiters were dumb and freezer was packed. The peacock she roared with a wave from a window, a kiss on the wind and a swing of the axe. It's the axe, see the sun, lick the blade as it swings like a windmill, as it swings as a windmill. Blades were swinging in the red night. Bonfires blazed and missiles flew. Wild guys gazed through balaclavas, baracades were blue. The captain watched it on his video, smiling cause he knew, "This is not the key to the tower!"(5x)

Bleak House (Instrumental)

Corridors of Deceit (Instrumental)


Dada. My third word. 'Oh dada' I'd shout. And dada came running to clout me. To hurt me. I'd howl.... And Mama went gaga. And blah! blah! -they'd row. And dada walked out. Ta ta dada.

Infirmary Waltz (Instrumental)

(Untitled) (Instrumental)

Lying in State

It was open house at Maggie's. Yes the door it was open, People filing by for a final glimpse. Someone thought she winked, well it was just a trick of the light. Bright lights. Stereo played Mendelhson, Maggie liked the classics, no she couldn't stand the racket on the radio. So plastic. Seems so Plastic. Now she's looking very plastic in her new expensive hole. Made of fiberglass, it's customized. It must, designed to pass away the years like seconds. And they told her in the advert, "If you go it's best to go in comfort for it's swell. Cause the nights get so lonely underground." Now they're firing rifles/singing hymns/reading poems/give these to him (fruit glass)/someone swears and she snatches them away. Says, "The claim of outrage, the ???? we're all sad today, when we've been (handed cheese)." When Maggie's face on, well she looks so young and still had all her faculties. Now she's gone away(12x) Away(repeated). Rest in peace, rest in pieces Maggie. Maggots. Hooray(repeated) out of the way.

Sneezing Choirs (Instrumental w/ sample)

March of the Anorexic Locusts

couple of samples???? Tell me what you call, here's what you curse.

Beautiful Plastic

Swaying in the dawn, scrambled into bed. His face was red, his breath was poison. Strike a match, the flames destroy a nation as he sleeps. His wife is sleeping. He slapped his paws on both her breasts. Started squeezing. Forced his tongue between her lips. Pleading, he'd reason with her, teased her, pulled her hair, he swore. He smashed his fist into her jaw, she wouldn't thaw, no she wouldn't thaw. Finally, he'd take no more. He rolled, hit the floor and saw a note pinned on the door. It said, "Bye honey, hope you like the doll."

Pretty Ribbons (Instrumental)


I will be your sacrifice... The love machine demands a sacrifice (?)...


All cracked (started) we all will fail together??????????????????????

God Bless the Cavalry Part 1

In your eyes(2x). Through your ears.

God Bless the Cavalry Part 2 (Instrumental)

Zyrrap (Instrumental)

The Horn Section

We introduce the horn section


Life is bright since they gave us all these prisoners of war! (sample:Slow Death)

Bleeding Finale (Instrumental)

Love in a plain brown envelope

Heaven is a hole. There's a whole lot of heaven in your (cavern), in your avenue. Enjoy it? do you? do you? Of course you do... It's there in black and white. There's every detail and every tale delights. The fannies and the cranny's with the antelopes from Lapland. (Uh... so horny!). It's a perfect land... the lips are lubricated and the pistons always stiff and glistening driving upwards, onwards... it's like your dream. It's partly human and part machine. Oh, Cyborg! as a man you're magic, as machine you're mean, mean mean mean. Mean, mean[moans...all the way to climax] [sample on phone]I'm wondering I'm fondling myself. Come to me (sweet) woman. Talk to me. Come to me sweet thing. Come come come to me. Touch yourself, come on, touch yourself.

Originally released in 1989 as a cassette-only compilation of rare solo material and live performances (thus the title), Lyvv China Doll was reconfigured with no live material and more outtakes on CD in 1993 by Staalplaat. It features a handful of truly bizarre instrumental experiments, an alternate version of "The Char Char," a revisit to LPD's The Tower ("Tower 8"), a creepy duet with an unnamed female vocalist which unfolds dramatically ("Lying In State"), and tends to be the least essential Ka-Spel release. - Rex