The Legendary Pink Dots
Live '85 - '88

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NL CD-R Terminal Kaleidoscope TEKA02

  1. Regression
  2. True Love
  3. A Strychnine Kiss
  4. Neon Mariners
  5. A Lust For Powder
  7. The Gallery
  8. Curious Guy
  9. I'm The Way, The Truth, The Light
  10. Neon Gladiators
  11. Mezhanyne (extract)

Edward Ka-Spel
The Silverman
various others...

Compilation of live tracks taken from various performances.
Unlimited release available only via mail order directly from the Dots or from Beta-Lactam Ring Records, with copies burned as needed.
The track markings on the disc don't match with the songs themselves, and vary from copy to copy.
Bootleg copies exist and can be identified by the fact that they have a disc label (the official copies have no label) and covers printed on an inkjet printer (official copies have laser copied covers). In addition, some bootleg copies of this and the LIVE '89 disc are mislabelled as each other.