The Legendary Pink Dots
Chemical Playschool Volumes 8 & 9

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Legendary Pink Dots - Chemical Playschool 8 & 9

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NL CDx2 Terminal Kaleidoscope TEKA834

disc a

  1. A Triple Moon Salute - [MP3]
  2. Cease Your Lonely Mourning - [MP3]
  3. Little Oyster - [BIAS184] [MP3]
  4. Catch A Match. A Bang Bang. A Flashing Fist O' Crackerjack. A Smack. A Lick. A Char Char. You're All Burned Out. - [MP3]
  5. Invaders In The Raita - [MP3]
  6. The Artificial Silence - [MP3]
  7. A Chrome Zone In Powder Park - [MP3]
  8. Pandora's Socks - [MP3]
  9. Andromeda Suite - [MP3]
  10. Pastorial - [MP3]

disc b

  1. A Pause In Melancholy Silence - [MP3]
  2. Burned At The Steakhouse - [MP3]
  3. New Shoes - [MP3]
  4. I Dream Of Jeannie - [BIAS184] [MP3]
  5. She Gave Me An Apple - [BIAS184] [MP3]
  6. Stirred But Not Shaken - [BIAS184] [MP3]
  7. The Ballad Of Ron And Popo - [MP3]
  8. Where No Man - [BIAS184] [MP3]
  9. Premonition 7 - [MP3]

The Silver Man
Niels van Hoornblower
Edward Ka-Spel
Martijn de Kleer
Father Pastorius
Cevin Key
Elke Skelter
Raymond Steeg
Ryan Moore

Produced and engineered by Edward Ka-Spel, Raymond Steeg and the Silver Man
An anthology release of rarities, compilation appearances, and unreleased material.
Several of the previously released tracks (such as "Andromeda Suite", "Burned At The Steakhouse", and "Where No Man") were slightly remixed for this release.


A Triple Moon Salute

Floored by the tripwire. Stripped by the crossfire. Down on my knees. For the first time in years, I believed... And you came and you threw me your hand and we swam to a land where a promise was sacred, preserved. And my lady is whispers. my lady is air. I keep a strand of her hair in a heart on my breast... and I'm safe in our warm cocoon. I know you'll be back soon and that's a promise that's sacred, preserved. colour me rainbows. Colour me vexed. I'm perplexed by that light from your moon. But you said you'd be back soon and that's a promise that's sacred, preserved.

Little Oyster

Sylvia fed me spiders in the classiest corner of town... Collars turned up to hide us we cupped our hands and shovelled them down silver blades and subtle passes slipped our pills and swapped our glasses, played footsie on a fading floor. we turned around I shut the door you shot me with a killer glance - i swore! i screamed! you'll not put me in the circus with the fleas, or with Kathleen, the human bean... i'm scared of heights... i tiptoed tightropes... Angels spied the telescopes. "Gone fishing" but i will not be your oyster, God... i'm much too young to drink, and much to drunk to die... i'm happy in your tapestry you happy on a thread. You wove the pair of pink pyjamas and a double bed and when i sleep, I mutter "Mata Hari you strike me dead!" with hatpins baby... hit me where it hurts, Mmmm! I love it! i'll be your little oyster - i'll be the whole wide world

Catch a match

Catch a match. A bang bang. A flashing fist O' crackerjack. A smack. A lick. A char char. You're all burned out.

The Artificial Silence

Just a cry or a whisper in the artificial silence could have helped us to find our island and build a home made just for two. But your pride and my resistance and the strong advice of those who wish us well maintained the distance - and I doubt I'll ever see you again. Yet I wonder if you wrote me...? I wonder if I called...? Would we hide behind the wall that divides us and protects us from all that fall back into violence. Can we crack this silence?

A chrome zone in powder park

Down below the apple tree, washed out by the blood flood, head - down in the daisy patch... it was still - born in the mud. Three tiny hands were stretching, longing for a breast - but it wasn't there. Eight baby lips were puckered, antennae in the air. Nothing there! Mummy took her lover by his green and purple claw, quite resigned. "Let's try once more. A second time! Let's try once more..." (practice makes perfect, don't you know...)

Pandora's Socks

Don't be scared, he's only shouting. Five lives down, but then, who's counting? I have a box to keep my doubts in. I keep them to myself. I'm quite humane. I'd never test you. The things inside me would depress you. Lock them up, you know it's best I keep things to myself.

Andromeda Part 1...

Take this cup, dissolve with me. Tonight's a one way voyage through your mind where all the doors open wide, where everything's exposed... Kill all fear. Take this and sign along the dotted line. Free yourself. No possessions! Imagine there's no heaven.

Andromeda Part 2...

Tell me doctor, what exactly is the problem? Do I not behave according to the patterns on your wall? Do I push all your parameters, am I unfit for your box? Tell me doc... do you have the perfect cure? Will you shower me with red ones, green ones and yellow ones? Is the answer in a spike, or with a rusty knife or in that place they call "heaven"? Ah... there's no need to send me flowers for I have gardens where I go walking with my wife. Though I haven't met her yet, I know she's coming because she sends me messages... lots of messages. It's along way to Andromeda but we'll marry in the spring.

A Pause in Melancholy Silence

Turn. Turn. Run the risk. The world spins for you. In five years none of this will mean one thing. If all seems lost and they're out to floor you - turn and face the day. And once I trapped a golden moment. It felt so good, I pulled the reins. But you turned to stone and the joy was frozen. I had to let the moment slip away. Now I confess that I'm king of nowhere. I confess I'm no master of my soul, but like a river I shall flow where I'm told.

I Dream Of Jeannie (transcribed by $t. @ndrew)

Achmed laid the Tigers in the bed and the kitten in the kitchen, set at Ramadan. He takes a stick and beats her 'round the legs, tear the diamonds from her navel, dress her in the blackest rags, send her weeping to the shed 'till the feelings got too strong. He was longing for a feel again - the fleshy mountains, just enough to hide behind, melt himself away... From the flying bullets - from the crying sirens... The (bat) of chevrolets on every street, in every corner, two bit sweetmeats meet the sweetest girls in cafes but the coffee's bitter, the cigarettes are vile. Smile the poisons in [...] the flakes of bland inbetween the teeth now (yellow brown). The sun bakes like the pusher in the corner who waits and waits to take his money, spends it, tells the tale... Another yankee in the jail, another movie, one more headline... one more headline... (repeats 3x more)

Heads lying in the water and the eyes are dead. Blood drained away now flowing in the veins of a pimp who parades a mile of flesh. It's delightful, it's an eyeful, it's a mouthful... (it's also very fat) Roll it up and lick it, squeeze it, roll it up and use again, again, again, swallow! swallow! Let me up, keep me warm, I use you again and again... Wrap me up i'll use you again and again.. Again and again! (wrap me up i'll use you again and again)

She Gave Me An Apple

Jesus walked the earth again. He stretched his hand to kill our pain. The spring winds blew... the acid rained. Love rained for fifteen hours. Generals gazed from Lover's Leap then took a step for earthly peace - just flew to pieces, literally... Of course, we brought them flowers. But nothing stops the great machine, the wheel spins round, the tannoy screams "Get back in borders! Orders! Orders! Redefine your lines!" And Satan walked the earth again, brought plagues of locusts, whips and chains... Played Guns 'n' Roses, blocked the drains but no one payed attention. Too busy in their quiet dream, playing possum drinking tea. The world concluded happily. So there.

Stirred But Not Shaken

Washed by a wave. Locked in. The grave's deep. The sea pulls. Flesh creeps. I shouldn't wander in my sleep... And I wandered back in time and your face flashed before my eyes. You were laughing... Total Recall. I saw doors with no keys. Black Debts. My heart leapt and I caught it in my teeth. I tried to catch a little air; I tried to say a little prayer but He was laughing... Tossed by the wind of relief and regret, I'd turn right, twist left. I was caught up in a net. And the angel whispered "Hi!" I was lifted into the sky - still breathing...

Where No Man

From our window on the vast beyond, we measure space and sing the songs that lost their meaning long before they built this cage we live in. It's from another age. An aeon... Turn another page, experience another place... here's a neon palace brimming with temptation. But I'm bored with Mother earth, it's seven wonders and I wonder, "Was it quite so small?" Did we escape or are we tourists heading for some foreign flawless place that only graced the thoughts of mad professors laughing in their graves? We'll never know the answer. We'll never find the tapes. our Bible preaches, "Search! Research! Reshape! Recycle..." Recycle for the sake of those who come before and those who follow. We have orders from beyond, we've no alternative; we're growing weaker as the years go on and on. Our mighty leader is our father and our brother and he's sick as the in-breaders in the Dead Man's Room who bang their plates and eat their spoons and scream profuse profanities. I wonder sometimes, "Is it them or is it me who has lost all sanity?" But, after all I hold the key - but keep it safe inside the jar. Now half of this cage is starving while the rest of us shoot stars and blast the eighteen headed Pacman from our armchairs in the bar. Zsa Zsa Korova scored a supernova! Zeros wall to wall in roses, pink, vermillion. A trillion. Five stars. A new religion. Light the candles because I re-wrote the book of Psalms. On silent nights we chant them crawling backwards and watch our world collapse in crackerjacks through cataracts. A cataclysmic, ectoplasmic burst of happy gas. We knock it back. Relax, because we're never ever going back. We never ever can return.....