Throbbing Gristle
Live Volume 3, 1978 - 1979

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UK CD The Grey Area of Mute TGCD12

  1. Introduction
  2. Whistling Song
  3. Industrial Muzak
  4. Weapon Training
  5. See You Are
  6. Convincing People
  7. His Arm Was Her Leg
  8. What A Day
  9. Ice Cool Down
  10. They Make No Say
  11. Wet Weird & Smeared

Chris Carter
Peter Christopherson
Cosey Fanni Tutti
Genesis P-Orridge

Tracks 1-4 from The Crypt Club, London, 11th Nov., 1978
Tracks 5-8 from The Factory, Manchester, 18th May, 1979
Tracks 9-10 from Guild Hall, Northampton, 26th May, 1979
Track 11 from Butlers Wharf, London, 23rd Dec., 1979
Originally only available in the TGBOX1 4xCD set.
Archive research and track selection consultant : Brian Lustmord.
Digital remastered by Chris Carter.
Reproduced by kind permission of Industrial Records Ltd.