Throbbing Gristle
Mission Of Dead Souls

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UK VHS Industrial Records (unconfirmed)
UK VHS Jettisounds TGV004 (1991)

  1. Dead Souls
  2. Guts on the Floor
  3. Circle of Animals
  4. Looking for the OTO
  5. Vision and Voice
  6. Funeral Rites
  7. Spirits Flying
  8. Persuasion
  9. The Process
  10. Discipline

Chris Carter
Peter Christopherson
Cosey Fanni Tutti
Genesis P-Orridge

Last live performance of TG before reunion, recorded live on 29th of May 1981 in San Fransisco at the Kezar Pavillion.
Produced by Joe Reesat of Target Video, re-edited by Karen Bentham, April 1991.
Both PAL and NTSC editions exist.
Included in TGV - The Video Archive Of Throbbing Gristle.