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Another month, another vinyl only release from Jesu. This time Justin Broadrick shares the LP with Matthew Cooper's Eluvium. The cheap postcard-style sleeve of the pyramids and the surrounding desert belies the organic and fertile sounds on the vinyl. It may not be Broadrick's best work under the Jesu moniker but along with Cooper's contribution, this is a worthy addition to both artists' growing catalogues.


Temporary Residence Limited / Hydra Head

The Jesu side is a bit hit and miss. There are some fantastic moments on this LP by Broadrick that further reinforce his current reputation for being Mr. Shoegaze for the new millennium such as "Farewell," a lush pop song: waves of synth lapping against a throbbing bass line, all the while Broadrick sings with a detached monotony. However, the other two songs, "Blind & Faithless" and "Why Are We Not Perfect?," are good but more like off cuts from the other Jesu releases. The music is pleasant but for me it is all a little too Jesu-by-numbers.

The Eluvium side contains a single, lengthy piece by the name of "Time-Travel of the Sloth" and is divided into three parts (although it's hard to decide where one part ends and another begins). The music is slow and hangs in the air, pregnant with anticipation. It is droney and indistinct plus it is hard to tell what instruments are being used. The sound warbles like it was recorded onto tape decades ago and is only being unearthed now. The piece climaxes with a surge of power; it sounds like a jet taking off (or a sloth ripping through the space-time continuum).

There seems to be another rake of Jesu releases planned for later in the year and hopefully the slightly dull songs from this LP are not an indication of how they will sound. I have enjoyed Jesu so much up until now that I am confident Broadrick will deliver the goods but this release has cast some doubts into my mind. As for Eluvium, this is definitely one of the best things I have heard from Cooper, it is too bad it was not included on the recent album Copia but the epic piece might lose something when shoved into the middle of an album. So while this split LP is not entirely indicative of both artists, it certainly is worth a listen for fans of either outfit.

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