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Brainwashed Store

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Thanks for your interest in supporting Brainwashed. All of the proceeds from the sales of these items help keep the web site alive and functional. Come back frequently as items do change and new things are added often. Shipping prices and additional instructions are located at the bottom of the page.

To order using PayPal - click on the flag which corresponds to your location: USA, Canada, and the Rest of the World.


Cat# Item Price Paypal purchase:
BRAIN003 Greater Than One, "Bloodstream"/"Airstream" 7" single $2.00







BRAIN004A Brain in The Wire Disc A (LAST COPIES! NO MORE SLEEVES LEFT!) $2.00
BRAIN004B Brain in The Wire Disc B (CD-R with original sleeve) $3.00
BRAIN004X Brain in The Wire Disc X $3.00
BRAIN004O Brain in The Wire booklet $1.00
BRAIN004P Brainwashed Poster $1.00
BRAIN004T Brainwashed Patch $2.00
BRAIN004K Brainwashed Keychain $2.00
BRAIN005 Sybarite, "Dolorous Echo"/"The Mast" 7" $6.00
BRAIN006 Jessica Bailiff VPRO radio 7" out of stock
BRAIN007 Aranos, "No Religion" 7" $6.00
BRAIN009 Meat Beat Manifesto, "Lovefingers"/"Radio Free Republic" 7" out of stock
BRAIN010 Mimir 7" $6.00
EYE001 The Eye Volume 1 DVD-R $12.00
EYE002 The Eye Volume 2 DVD-R $12.00
EYE003 The Eye Volume 3 DVD-R $12.00
EYE006 The Eye Volume 6 DVD-R $15.00
EYE007 The Eye Volume 7 DVD-R $15.00
EYE013 The Eye Volume 13 DVD-R $15.00
EYE032 The Eye Volume 32 DVD-R $15.00
EYE834 The Eye Volume 834 DVD-R $15.00
HAND001 Windy & Carl "Dedications to Flea" CD out of stock
PIEROS 005 Aranos - Bering Sea $13.00
PIMPK001 Kate Mosh, "Dynamo" CD $5.00
STICKER Brainwashed Sticker $1.00

If you are in the USA, you can save money by sending a check to Brainwashed (in US dollars only) at P.O. Box 7, Arlington, MA 02476. This will cut down on charges incurred by PayPal and you can combine items for a lower rate on postage. Your shipping rates are as follows:

    $1 per item except $4 for 1-10 7" singles, $0 for stickers and buttons


  • ALWAYS include contact information when sending payment by mail.
  • Please type mailed letters - or write ABSOLUTELY CLEARLY.
  • If you choose to send cash, you send it at your own risk.
  • If you sent payment and didn't receive anything, you might not have sent enough money or did not include contact information.

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Contact us if you have any more questions.

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