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Gaiser, "Blank Fade"

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cover imageAdhering to the edicts of minimalist techno, the music produced by Jon Gaiser is only minimally enjoyable. Focused listening provides few rewards, but is unobtrusive as the soundtrack to a night spent in back room of a club. At its least it gave me a rhythm to tap along with on my feet.



Gaiser - Blank Fade (Bonus Track Version)

The best aspects of Blank Fade were the noises and arrangements that formed the backdrop for a plodding, clip-clop beat. It is unfortunate these are relegated to the background; it gives the music what little character is has, and it would be nice to hear them as the focal points of the compositions. Instead all things possibly inventive are held in check by the unyielding drum machines. The sounds are kept orderly, down-tempo, synced together in a totalitarian stranglehold.

As the disc progressed, the clicks, hums, and buzzes that made it tolerable faded, only to be replaced by a cheesy Casio filtered through a bit of reverb and delay. The obligatory distorted vocal samples (that appear to be a necessity in all music of this ilk) were added, as if these gave it more depth or meaning. Occasionally melodies appeared. I felt hopeful about them: if pursued they might capture and extend moment of bliss, but are dissolved before having a chance to be elaborated on or lengthened.

The effects added to the beats almost made them interesting, but they never rose above the style dictated by this musical fashion. What remained at the end was merely a technocratic uniform with a few decorations.


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