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Sion Orgon, "Into the Dark"

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cover imageThis short communication from Sion Orgon consists of a pair of very sweet tracks. Both feature Peter Christopherson but those looking for something that sounds like one of Sleazy’s projects will be left wanting as Orgon has made two great little pieces in his own image. Straddling weird lunar soundscapes and the less jittery side of prog rock, this single is brief, beautiful, and hopefully a portent of more to come.


Fourth Dimension

"Into the Dark" features, alongside Orgon and Christopherson (who contributed “manipulations and field recordings”), Thighpaulsandra and Seb Goldfinch, who bring shedloads of synthesisers and violin respectively.  There is something off about the first half of the song (in a very good way). Orgon develops the piece with the sort of pacing that would leave a good horror director green with envy before the song bursts into a gorgeous vocal performance by Orgon; commanding yet human, it brings to mind some other Davids such as Bowie and Sylvian and it is absolutely mesmerizing.

On "Paper State" it is just Orgon and Christopherson’s field recordings (which are hard to discern). There is a melancholic edge to the music, a sadness that is just beyond memory but still leaves a phantom pain. In its few minutes of playing time, “Into the Dark” covers a remarkable scope without ever feeling like it has gone anywhere; its unassuming complexity is most impressive. Usually I find myself returning to 7" singles rarely as I am lazy and they require much more attention than an LP but between these two songs, I am drawn towards this little black disc more often than I would have anticipated.


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