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Radioinactive and Antimc, "Free Kamal"

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Mush Records
Hip-hop records live and die by their MCs. A DJ can cut as crazy as he wants and a producer can mine the weirdest record bins this side of the moon but if the MC isn't solid, the record will fall flat. Unfortunately, that's what happens for this ambitious work from Radioinactive and Antimc. While the music is quirky, unpredictable and sufficiently groovy, the vocals just do not work for me. This is more of that self-described 'art rap' that mixes stiff rhymes and heady free verse with off-beat production and live instrumentation, and while some of it is fun, this just isn't. Fans of similar Mush artists will likely enjoy Radioinactive's flow, but the too-direct, too-choppy, too-preachy, too-simple rhymes often come off as amateurish and ill-performed. Spitting out words over a beat is an art, and one that's a lot harder to do well than most people seem to think. While some of Radioinactive's contemporaries have an off-kilter delivery that works because it's strange and fresh, most of Free Kamal reminds me of one of those files you might find online of a kid rapping into a webcam. If Mush had gone the Cex/Dr. Octagon/Cannibal Ox route of releasing an instrumental and vocal copy of Free Kamal, I'm sure I'd pop it in more often, but as it stands, the record has a fatal flaw that I just can't get past to enjoy.


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