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dntel, "(this is) the dream of evan and chan"

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Plug Research
This song could easily be one of my favorite songs from one my favorite albums of last year: the fuzzy music of Dntel's rumbling frequencies and distorted beats matched with the timid, wistful vocals by Benjamin Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie (thankfully included as the first track on the EP) in a vividly visual story as surreal and dreamlike as the title suggests. This CD EP is set up like a traditional 12" single of four remixes sandwiched in between the A and B side of its own 7" single. While this approach works great for DJs or fans making their own mix tapes or CDs, listening straight through can be a bit of overkill. The first reinterpretation is probably my favorite: it comes from Safety Scissors, with the Kings of Convenience singer (Erlend Øye) slightly adjusting the lyrics into a moderately altered story. The music is bumpy and reminds me well of that Kings of Convenience remix record I adored last year. Barbara Morganstern almost uncomfortably forces a duet on her take while Superpitcher leaves the vocals just as they are, but transforms the song into a modern techno anthem a'la the Kompakt style. Lali Puna finish the job off by completely removing the vocals and softening the music into something more languid, laid back and cool. Rounding out the EP is the track "Your Hill" which was on the compilation 'The Asthmatic Worm' (reviewed in June), which would save any Dntel fan from having to buy an entire compilation for one song previously unavailable elsewhere. At the end of each listen, I can completely appreciate all the attempts at reinterpretations, but safely say that none can really touch the brilliance of this song in its original LP version.



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