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Gary Wilson

YouTube Video

Friday night, The Eye had the very rare honor of both catching the legendary Gary Wilson and the Blind Dates live in some strange small town, but we managed to get some on camera time.  You Think You Really Know Him is a feature-length documentary on Gary Wilson, completed a few years ago, but until that gets around to screening anywhere near you, we present this interview and live footage from a truly incredible man and awesome band.

Be careful of all the flour on the floor!


The Eye: Video of the Day


YouTube Video

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Review of the Day

Mawja, "Studio One"
cover imageThis is the companion piece to the live collaborations I previously reviewed here, however this has the artists collaborating in a studio setting as opposed to a live one. Considering the nature of improvisations, the differences between the two settings are relatively minimal.  Recorded during the same period as the Live One disc, the sounds here are, interesting enough, a bit darker, more harsh and dissonant than the improvisations in the live setting.
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