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Gary Wilson

YouTube Video

Friday night, The Eye had the very rare honor of both catching the legendary Gary Wilson and the Blind Dates live in some strange small town, but we managed to get some on camera time.  You Think You Really Know Him is a feature-length documentary on Gary Wilson, completed a few years ago, but until that gets around to screening anywhere near you, we present this interview and live footage from a truly incredible man and awesome band.

Be careful of all the flour on the floor!


The Eye: Video of the Day


YouTube Video

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Review of the Day

Astral Social Club
Beaming in from the limited edition cold, this tweaked-out compilation of Astral Social Club's early volumes is both an excellent introduction and a fresh perspective on the project. These eleven tracks, pulled from the first seven self-released CD-Rs releases by the head of the VHF label, weave in and out of conventional consciousness, worked into each other by the Club's sole member, Neil Campbell (now ex-Vibracathedral Orchestra).
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