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Bologna Pony, "CDR#3"

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From a seed of a gentle warm up drone this single untitled track becomes a wrenching guttural live thing that just won’t settle. With all this spiky movement the track doesn’t have an overall feel to it; it’s more like a smeared splurge of sound across the disc. It works but it’s not giving anything away.

Low Point

In its early stages a heavy languor rolls through the air as chimes of tin and steel slowly rattle around its core. These free percussion rolls come forwards in rushes as cymbals pick out glints of light. As this metal icing slides up and down, there’s a fierce choleric underlying hum that pervades much of the eighteen minutes.

This feedback rends through the arbitrary structures emblazoning it with almost comprehensible rock sourced sound. There are stretches of busted balled trio wrecking performance in here, but its lack of overall tone means it comes over as a little unsure of its destination or even its purpose. Still its punchy and thick enough at times to keep me engaged even if its isn’t giving any easy paths/atmospheres to follow.

The artwork is an outstandingly smart accompaniment, a black and white Vertigo / Damien Hirst crossover. It’s a vast improvement on the label’s second release art, which was a yellow wallpaper sample.



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