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Rivulets - You Are My Home

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Artist: rivulets
Title: "you are my home"
Label: Important records
Date: November 28, 2006

Details below...


> 1. Featured Artists

Nathan Amundson aka RIVULETS: acoustic guitars, piano, voice
Jessica Bailiff (Kranky records): bells, electric guitars, mellotron
Chris Brokaw (Codeine, Come, the New Year): drums, electric guitar
Christian Frederickson (Rachel's): viola
Fred Lonberg-Holm (Boxhead Ensemble): cello
Brian John Mitchell (Silber records): greenhouse construction
Bob Weston (Mission of Burma, Shellac): bass, beats, piano, trumpet

All songs & arrangements by Nathan Amundson, ? & (p) 2005 rivulets (BMI)

Recorded & mixed by Bob Weston at Electrical Audio, Chicago, IL

> 2.Track Listing

1. glass houses
2. can't i wonder
3. you are my home
4. heartless
5. motioning
6. greenhouse
7. win or lose
8. to be home
9. you sail on
10. happy ending
11. morning light

> 3.Overview

Long-delayed 3rd album by internationally acclaimed solo artist RIVULETS.
Featuring guests Jessica Bailiff (Kranky), Chris Brokaw (Codeine, Come,
the New Year), Christian Frederickson (Rachel's), Fred Lonberg-Holm
(Boxhead Ensemble), & Bob Weston (Mission of Burman, Shellac).

Rivulets' first 2 full-length albums, "r i v u l e t s" (2002) and
"DEBRIDEMENT" (2003), were both recorded by Alan Sparhawk of Low, and
released on Low's own label Chair Kickers' Union. These albums feature
guest appearances from the likes of  Jessica Bailiff (Kranky), LD Beghtol
(the Magnetic Fields), Jon DeRosa (Aarktica), Marc Gartman (No Wait Wait),
Brian John Mitchell (Remora), Aaron Molina (if thousands), and Mimi Parker

Extensive touring overseas has garnered Rivulets intensely loyal fanbases
across Europe.  We're hoping this, Rivulets 1st album on Important
records, will help the US to take notice as well.  A few of the artists
Rivulets has shared bills with in the past include: Haley Bonar, Chris
Brokaw, Cerberus Shoal, Cocorosie, Mark Eitzel, Daniel Johnston, Low,
Mirah, My Morning Jacket, the New Year, Scout Niblett, Piano Magic, Radar
Bros., Stars of the Lid, Songs: Ohia, Swearing at Motorists, Willard Grant
Conspiracy, Shannon Wright, and Xiu Xiu.

Rivulets' discography also includes numerous compilation appearances and
several EPs: the aforementioned "thank you reykjavik" EP on BlueSanct;
"the Alcohol EPs" on Silber; the "rivulets / marc gartman" split CD
(featuring Jarboe of SWANS) on Tract; and the "you've got your own" EP on
Acuarela (incidentally the bestselling EP Acuarela have released,
out-selling EPs by the Album Leaf, the Clientele, and Tara Jane O'Neil).

This is not a folk album.  This is an album about hearts breaking, tearing
it down, and moving on.

> 4. Selling Points

Featuring guests Jessica Bailiff (Kranky), Chris Brokaw (Codeine, Come,
the New Year), Christian Frederickson (Rachel's), Fred Lonberg-Holm
(Boxhead Ensemble), & Bob Weston (Mission of Burman, Shellac).

Recorded & mixed by Bob Weston at (Steve Albini's studio) Electrical
Audio, Chicago, IL

Gorgeous package design featuring photography by reknowned French
photographer Laurent Orseau

Rivulets is cited as an influence by a new crop of young artists,
including Heller Mason and Jamie Barnes, both of whom have covered
Rivulets songs on record.

Well-known Rivulets fans include Antony (who came backstage in Spain to
compliment Nathan on how "diabolical" Rivulets' performance had been);
Iceland's beloved ??rir,  Germany's "future soul" diva Clara Hill, the
UK's Pantaleimon (collaborator of David Tibet / Current 93), and
Jamie Stewart of Xiu Xiu, who personally brought this album to the
attention of Important when it was looking for a home.  (Oh yeah I guess
everyone who plays on the record too, of course, or they wouldn't be doing

Outside of his work in Rivulets, Nathan Amundson is a frequently called on
as a collaborator, with credits on records by Annelies Monser?, Jessica
Bailiff, if thousands, Pale Horse & Rider, Remora, and Vlor.  Visit the
discography page at for complete info:

Rivulets' official website: will undergo a complete
re-design for the launch of this album.  Find more on Rivulets at

Selected Discography:
you've got your own, 2004 Acuarela Discos CDEP
rivulets / marc gartman, 2004 Tract Records CDEP
DEBRIDEMENT, 2003 Chair Kickers' Union full-length CD
The Alcohol EPs, 2002 Silber Records CDEP
thank you reykjavik, 2002 BlueSanct CDEP
r i v u l e t s, 2002 Chair Kickers' Union full-length CD

> 5. Key Markets:

All major US cities please.

> Hometown:

Anchorage, AK

> Also:
Bloomington, IN
Seattle, WA
Chicago, IL

> 6. Press quotes:

"Often driven only by voice or quiet guitar, Rivulets is frighteningly
gentle, yet genuinely powerful. The brooding love songs of Mark Kozelek's
Red House Painters are an apt comparison, as are the acute, windswept
soundscapes of Iceland's Sigur Ros. Most often, the music suggests the
isolation and odd beauty found at the center of an iced-over lake in the
middle of winter." - All Music Guide

"Four stars ["DEBRIDEMENT"]. Amundson's songs may occasionally make Nick
Drake sound full o' beans, but their forlorn, otherworldly beauty is
seldom less captivating." - Mojo, UK (2003)

"Residing in a hazy singer-songwriter space somewhere between Nick Drake
and Red House Painter Mark Kozelek, Rivulets' is the work of one Nathan
Amundson." - Mojo, UK (2002)

"Think of the hazy grace of Low, the heartrending honesty of Will Oldham
and the songcraft of Nick Drake and you understand it's hard for me not to
give this one my wholehearted recommendation." - the Broken Face

"Realistically, Nathan Amundson (Rivulets) should have put out a record
with at least one bad song by now. He hasn't." - the Brain

"...a shining gem of introspective modern ethereal folk." - Outburn

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