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"Colour Sound Oblivion" - the Coil 16xDVD set

Peter Christopherson has announced through the Threshold House Web site a 16 DVD box collecting live performances, loops used on the tour, background projections, and even bits of Coil's infamous constumes. Advance orders will be taken starting March 8th, 2010.


From Threshold House :

"The long wait for you, and the massive, massive amount of work for me, is almost over!

All but 4 of the concerts are authored (from literally hundreds of hours of camera-work by countless people, more forward looking than I), the boxes decided upon and ordered, 16 dvd wallets designed, 101 postcards showing every aspect of the Coil tours (well every legal aspect) assembled from numerous sources, and a series of 5000 cloth bags sewn from the very fabric that Coil's costumes were orginally tailored... Not to mention nearly four hours of "Coil Recontruction Kit" released under a Creative Commons License from which you can set up your own Coil Karaoke Booth, or even resample loops, backings or reuse footage from all of the Projections that Coil ever used on stage, for whatever nefarious, perverse, fetishistic (but non-commercial) purposes you see fit...

We will be opening the PRE-ORDER facility as previously menetioned, on Monday 6th of March, by which time there will be lots of photos and a full description of the box contents, both here and in the store.

As previously promised, the pre-order facility will not be limited by quantity but by time. You will have four weeks to order, from the moment the facility becomes available.

Those paying by Paypal or debit card will be charged on order, those by credit card will not be charged till the box actually ships.

Also as promised, those brave and generous souls who ordered the Patrons edition will receive UNIQUE parts limited to the original 200 in quantity, beginning in April. Those ordering the forthcoming Pre-Order edition, though receiving slightly different editorial contents, and paying a slightly less "discounted" price, will still get all the goodies mentioned above. The standard edition when it becomes available will have the same dvd contents but not quite such lavish (not to mention heavy and expensive!) presentation.

Thank you so much to everyone for their patience."


The update also includes information about Christopherson's new website, Sacred-Profane, and the possibility of a regular podcast titled "Evenings with Unkle Sleazy."


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